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Food Grade Tank Driving Job

Are you considering a career / job change?  Have you pulled tank trailers, or considered pulling them?  Well let us help you compare the leading

Food Grade Tank Driving Job Companies

Guaranteed Transport Service, Inc.

GTS is located at 7400 SR 544 Winter Haven, FL 33881 and is one of the fastest growing Food Grade tank driving job companies.  Not only do they provide leading edge equipment, which includes a fleet of Peterbilt trucks with all the bells and whistles.  Why settle for a fleet truck when you can drive a fully automatic truck with leather seats, inverter, fridge.  One of the lowest dispatcher to driver ratios to give you the full attention you deserve.  Pick the home time rotation that works for you.  Their industry leading Food Grade Tank Driving Job compensation, not only starts at 60 Cent per mile, but also you can earn more with their monthly bonus, paid holidays.  Compared to other Food Grade Tank Driving companies which may not offer, these pay packages, GTS (Guaranteed Transport Service) also includes a $2,500 referral bonus, $5,000 sign on bonus, spouse rider program, affordable health insurance options included a leading 401K match.  If you are looking for a career change and it is your first time getting into food grade tank diving position or just looking to change jobs with in the food grade tank driving look no further than GTS – Guaranteed Transport Service and speak with a recruiter and apply today.


Guaranteed Transport Service – GTS

As a food grade tank truck driver, you will have that family feeling at a driver-centric company where your needs and your safety are our top priority.   Here are some of what GTS – Guaranteed Transport Service states about themselves:

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Guaranteed Transport Service, Inc. provides bulk liquid food grade transportation services to customers in the United States and Canada. We continually strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, professionally moving their products at a high level of reliable service, using the most pristine fleet, and with a constant emphasis on safety and efficiency.

Level of Service

We are committed to providing the highest level of service in the industry by providing our customers and Drivers with best-in-class equipment.


Each piece of equipment adheres to regular maintenance, safety, and quality standards.

Modern Vehicle Fleet

We purchase late-model, state-of-the-art Walker stainless tanks specifically designed for sanitary liquid food-grade transportation.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

To be the best, you must buy the best—that’s why we partner with the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Guaranteed Transport Service GTS is dedicated to providing the highest level of service when it comes to bulk liquid food grade transportation. In order to accomplish our mission, we provide the best in class late model equipment for our customers and professional drivers. We enforce regular maintenance, safety and quality standards to each piece of equipment used daily.

Benefits and Advantages of FOOD GRADE TANK DRIVING JOBS

One of the biggest advantages of driving for a food grade tank driving company is the non-touch.  The product is edible liquids and therefor customers inspect, load and off load the products.  You can expect to haul, things such as milk, cream, eggs, liquid yeast and juices.  Juices such as apple, orange, cranberry, ciders, wine as well as vinegars, soya sauce.  Step one in the process is to go to a food grade tank wash location, where they will wash the trailer for your next load.  Priors will be sent from your company to the tank wash letting the tank wash know what kind of wash and hot to clean the trailer.  The trailer is then sanitized and sealed, make sure to check your seals which usually will include 2 seals up top on the doom lid and one on the rear.  Most food grade trailers are Walker tank trailers or Polar tank trailers and will have a 3-inch rear discharge valve, with a dust cover where the seal is located preventing access to the rear discharge valve.  Upon arrival at the Shipper the customer will check the wash ticket, priors and inspect the trailer, where the shipper’s quality team will then load the trailer.  The shipping customer will then seal the trailer and give you the food grade tank driver the BOL, priors and wash ticket.  Make sure to take a second and verify the 2 top seals and rear seal to match the paperwork.  This completes the loading process, and the load now can be taken to the receiver.  At the receiver the quality team will inspect the paperwork and the load, usually sample the product and then off load.  The biggest advantage of driving for a food grade tank position is exactly this, one pickup, one drop off, no touch.  You can expect to get anywhere from 2500 plus miles a week.

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Let’s not forget to compare food grade tank driving jobs

 Oakley Transport

 Oakley Transport, located at 101 ABC Road, Lake Wales, FL 33859 has been around since 1986, Oakley Transport has established itself as the premier leader in the liquid, food grade transportation sector with the synergies of complementary logistic services. Oakley Transport is proud to offer best in class pay, benefits, equipment and better flexibility. Their focus is to be the premier leader in the liquid, food grade transportation sector with the synergies of complementary logistic services.

  • Offer a graduated sign on bonus based on verifiable experience, up to $5k
  • Starting base mileage rate based on verifiable experience, up to .50cpm
  • Avg Annual W2 Gross Pay – $62K+
  • Multiple Safety & Performance Bonus Opportunities on top of base rate
  • Home time; 2-3 weeks out; one day home for each week out
  • Late model Volvo Tractors
  • Medical benefits available through Aetna; 401K available
  • Unlimited $2K Driver Referral Bonus
  • Minimum 12 months of verifiable tractor trailer experience in the last 5 years required
  • Safe & acceptable driving history required

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Oakley Transport

Indian River Transport

Indian River Transport is located at 2580 Executive Rd, Winter Have, FL 33884.  Indian River Transport is a privately owned food grade tank carrier providing transportation services throughout the United States, while also offering import / export services between the US, Canada and Mexico, recognized nationwide as a leader in the food grade industry.

Headquartered in Winter Haven, Florida and recognized nationwide as an industry leader, Indian River Transport boasts a fleet consisting of over 600 tractors & 1,200 trailers.

As an established industry leader with a long history of success, our family of transportation professionals is committed to consistently delivering customer satisfaction, developing enduring relationships, achieving sustained organizational growth, and maintaining a company culture based on integrity and mutual respect.

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Indian River Transport has been featured in Bulk Transporter Magazine:

Indian River adding more food grade cleaning capacity to meet customer needs

Indian River Transport Co continues to expand its network food grade tank cleaning facilities. The newest location is in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Indian River Transport Co continues to expand its network food grade tank cleaning facilities. The newest location in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, opened in early 2018.

This is just the newest of seven food grade wash racks in the Indian River system. More potential wash rack locations are under consideration by the Winter Haven, Florida-based food hauler. All of the wash racks have Juice Processor Association and Kosher certifications.

The primary focus of those wash racks is to support the Indian River tank truck fleet that includes 700 tractors and 950 tank trailers operating across the United States, Canada, and Mexico hauling a wide variety of bulk liquid foods ranging from fruit juices and dairy products to beverage alcohol.

“Food grade hauling is becoming more of a regional operation in many of the areas we serve, and we can save money by building our own wash racks,” says Richard Hunter, Indian River sanitation & facility compliance manager. “In all the sites now under consideration, we had been using commercial wash racks. Our transports also have had to park at truck stops.

“Shippers have encouraged us to build more of our own wash racks. The Food and Drug Administration’s safe food transport rules also are pushing us in that direction.”

New facilities

In addition to the just-opened two-bay wash rack in Bensalem, Indian River also built new tank trailer cleaning facilities in Mission, Texas (two wash bays) and Visalia, California (a single wash bay) over the past year.

The food grade tank cleaning network includes two four-bay cleaning facilities are at the headquarters terminal in Winter Haven and Clovis, New Mexico. Two-bay wash racks are operating at terminals in Ft Wayne, Indiana, and Cordele, Georgia.

Anticipating the need for still more tank cleaning capacity, management has proposed a two-bay wash rack in Grandview, Washington, that could be up and running in late 2018.

The new food grade wash racks in Bensalem and Mission provide good examples of the type of facilities the tank truck carrier wants to build going forward. Both facilities combine tank wash services with a full-service fleet terminal. Both locations also offer commercial tank cleaning.

Bensalem rack

In Bensalem, Indian River bought a 10-acre location that had been used previously as a truck fleet terminal. The property included a 3,360-sq-ft office building that has been completely refurbished and expanded. With the renovation, the facility has grown to 18,500 square feet.

Located at 1528 Bristol Pike in Bensalem, the facility is a full-service terminal for Indian River fleet. The office building includes offices for terminal management and support staff. A conference room also doubles as a training room for drivers, wash workers, and mechanics.

In the expanded section, the facility includes two vehicle maintenance bays, two tank trailer cleaning bays, a vehicle exterior wash bay, a boiler room, and a cleaning chemical storage room. Parking at the terminal can accommodate 30 tractors and 87 tank trailers.

Indian River fleet operations in the Bensalem area primarily handle juices and some dairy products. 

Ten tank washers keep the cleaning operation running across two shifts—one running from 7 am to 2 pm daily, and the second continuing from 2 pm until 11 pm. The terminal plans to hire up to five vehicle mechanics, who will handle routine maintenance for the Indian River fleet.

Indian River Transport

The food grade tank cleaning system consists of a newly developed vat-style unit from EcoLab. Indian River installed two of the skid-mounted stainless steel wash units in the Bensalem wash rack. These wash systems include Allen-Bradley PLC controllers, a 5400 CIP controller, and 3-D TraSer data collection module, Alfa Laval pumps and valves, Interquip heat exchangers, and EcoLab SB-8 sprayballs. Most of the cleaning solutions are from EcoLab.

“We believe EcoLab provides the best food grade tank cleaning equipment for our operation,” Hunter says. “We use a chlorinated detergent and food grade phosphoric acid sanitizer. Our JPA cleans are done at 208 F and Kosher cleaning requires 210 F.”

Also part of the cleaning operation are two Peacock pressure washers. A 150-horsepower Cleaver-Brooks boiler provides 6,000 pounds of steam per hour.

Worker safety and productivity were very much in mind when both the Bensalem and Mission wash racks were planned. SafeRack work platforms include fall protection cages that surround workers at all times when they are on top of tank trailers being cleaned. LED light fixtures provide plenty of illumination in the wash bays. A Tuff Kote coating provides a chemical-resistant anti-slip floor.

“We believe the SafeRack system is very user friendly and functions very well,” Hunter says. “It takes away the need for harnesses and other fall-protection equipment.”

Mission location

The terminal in Mission was built on a five-acre site that is adjacent to one of Indian River’s largest customers in the area. The wash rack occupies most of the 58,000-sq-ft building at the front of the property. Offices take up the rest of the building. The terminal is located at 906 Business Park Drive, Mission, Texas.

Plenty of paved parking is available for the tank trailers and 50 to 100 tractors that could be based at the terminal. 

Transports operating out of the Mission location haul orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit juice in non-code sanitary tankers. Orange essence is transported in DOT407 trailers that are used just for food grade products.

The Mission wash rack currently operates from 7 am to 6 pm Sunday through Friday. “We can expand to seven days a week when the citrus harvest ramps up in September,” Hunter says.

The tank wash system currently in use can clean two trailers at a time with 210°F water. The wash rack also has a Peacock pressure washer system for exterior cleaning of tank trailers and tractors. The carrier still plans to add a boiler in Mission.

Foodgrade cleaning solutions, including detergent and sanitizer, are supplied by EcoLab and Washing Equipment of Texas.

Pre-rinse water is collected in a 5,000-gallon storage tank and is hauled away for disposal. Wash water from the tank cleaning process meets city requirements for release into the sewer.  


Bynum Transport

Bynum Transport is located at 70 Thornhill Rd, Auburndale FL

Bynum is family owned and operated business providing specialized tank truck transportation of bulk liquid food-grade commodities. For over 40 years, our professional management support staff and team of dedicated drivers operating a fleet of brand new trucks have ensured the safe, timely delivery of our clients’ products. These qualities are proven by our service record, which is considered one of the best in the industry.

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You will be compensated up to $0.50/mile and 2800-3400 miles per week. We pay empty miles and layovers and our fleet is governed at 70 mph.


You’re our greatest resource. We provide our drivers with health, dental, vision, and life insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid vacation.


We’ve got your back. As a Bynum Transport driver, you will have access to 24/7 dispatch, 100% no-touch freight, and paid layover and detention.

Bynum Transport is a family owned and operated liquid food-grade carrier. Headquartered in Auburndale, Florida, we operate throughout the continental United States. Experience a family atmosphere with great opportunities and plenty of miles! Our entire fleet is 2021-2022 model trucks. Join a team where you’re known by name and not by your truck number.