Jerome Truck Service, Inc. is a commercial tanker and truck wash facility, located at 323 W Nez Perce, Jerome, ID 83338.  Jerome Truck Service is able to perform CIP washes to meet your needs as well as Reefer/Van washouts.  Located in Bay #3 at the Rich Thompson Trucking, Inc. facility. Jerome Truck Service mission is to provide food grade tankers with a CIP wash that exceeds federal standards.

Jerome Truck Service – Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Phone: (208) 324-3511

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Exterior Washes
  • Accept Credit Card, Comm-Check, EFS, or Cash
  • Not Kosher Certified

Tank Wash Cleaning Services

  • Exterior tank clean, Exterior tractor clean, Exterior wash,
  • Flush, Food-grade wash – edibles/food products,
  • Food-grade wash – non-food products

Price List

Find Food Grade Tanker Wash – Trailer Wash near me

Shippers, carriers, and drivers who need to Find a Tank Wash prior to heading to their next load can lean on TBS Directory. This online tool enables carriers, drivers and transportation professionals to quickly locate Tanker Washout Facilities across the U.S. and Canada. While there are a few similar directories in existence, TBS Directory, LLC is the most comprehensive – providing detailed information on facilities and services for over 400 wash facilities in North America, along with Truck Repair, Trailer Repair, Road Service, Truck Stops, Tires, etc

One of the biggest differences between liquid bulk and other kinds of freight trucking is the need to wash the tank tank after unloading. Tank washing is a vital part of bulk liquid shipping that prevents cross contact of products and contamination.

Jerome Truck Service – Rich Thompson Trucking

Rich Thompson’s history started in the dairy business.  In 1970, as an employee of Challenge Creamery, he began by first making cheese, then as a relief driver on home delivery routes.  Throughout the years ahead, Rich worked on wholesale and retail delivery routes, milked cows, hauled milk, and bought and sold commodities to the dairymen.

In 1982, Rich started his own hauling business selling hay to dairy farmers.  Fueled by his drive to succeed, soon one truck, himself, and a few part time employees grew into seven trucks.  With his entrepreneurial spirit, strong integrity, and work ethic, Rich was ready for his next venture. In 1988, Rich started hauling milk from farm to market. He started with three trucks and a few employees, which has now grown to include customers such as: Sorrento Lactalis, Agropur, Falls Brand, Clif Bar, Chobani and the U.S. Dept. of Interior/Fish and Wildlife Service, and various companies on a daily basis in his tanker and reefer division.

Jerome Truck Service – Rich Thompson Trucking is a team-oriented business.  Rich believed it takes the support of everyone: family, business partners, customers, and the community to be successful.  He led his business with strong principles of integrity, hard work, quality service and compassion.  In 2019, after a valiant and hard fought battle with cancer, Rich passed away leaving behind the business he built as his legacy.  Two of Rich’s children, Brett Thompson and Mandy Ricketts, are now devoted to leading Jerome Truck Service – Rich Thompson Trucking in their fathers honor.

Rich was dedicated to providing quality service and looked for quality staff to support his vision.  The management team at Jerome Truck Service – Rich Thompson Trucking reflects that with a combined 186 years of experience in the trucking industry.  It has, and always will be, Jerome Truck Service – Rich Thompson Trucking goal to provide its customers with consistent, competitive, and quality service at cost effective rates.

Bulk Tank Trailer Cleaning

Many shippers will have specific tank wash requirements. These can include ‘non acceptable prior products’ which means this trailer cannot be used to load the potential load, unless, a acceptable special type of cleaning has been preformed, by a approved tank wash facility. Upon arrival at a shipper, the truck driver will need to show the washout slip which displays the details of the type tank wash performed, along with the last 3 prior products hauled.

Tank Wash Locations

Bulk Tank trailer wash facilities are located across North America and will typically wash out the bulk food grade tank in one of the following ways.

The most common type of tank wash is performed with a caustic soda solution or detergent. The solution will be placed inside a spinning mechanism that is inserted into the tank through the dome. This mechanism spins around and sprays the solution all over the tank, which is then rinsed, drained, and dried afterward.

A similar process is used for food-grade washes – which use specialized food-grade detergents – and Kosher washes – which only use Kosher-certified materials to wash the tank.

In many cases, the tanker’s gaskets, hoses, and pumps will be cleaned along with the inside of the tank, not all carriers have trailers that have pumps and hoses, along with in transit heat or Texas wash systems, these are all considered specialty tank trailers.

When products such as food allergen’s and other types of bulk liquids are exposed to one another, contamination can occur. Even a small trace of the tank’s previous product can have a huge negative impact on the next product being loaded. As such, once a product is hauled in a liquid bulk tanker and unloaded at the delivery site, that tank will need to be thoroughly washed before it can be loaded with another product

Other Tank wash facility locations in Idaho:


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