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M T Clean, a Miller Total Clean locations is located at 2915 Sullivan Gardens Parkway, Kingsport, TN 37660 and is part of the Heniff Family of Companies. The Heniff family of companies are the premiere leader in liquid bulk transportation, food grade, rail transloading, iso depot operations, tank cleaning and maintenance. Our mission is to efficiently transport our customers’ chemicals safely, securely and on-time, every time. Miller Total Clean, LLC has a high-tech tracking and technology systems to our friendly drivers and customer service staff, everything is focused on ways to come up with solutions to our customers’ problems and to make it as easy as possible to do business with us.  

M T Clean – Hours of Operation

Full service truck terminal with maintenance and tank cleaning
Monday to Friday: 07:00am to 01:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Phone: (423) 349-4217
Toll Free: (800) 288-8209
Fax: (423) 349-7708

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Exterior Washes
  • ISO
  • Kosher
  • ACC Responsible Care / RCMS – 2013 Certified

Maintenance Services

  • Tractor and trailer heavy duty maintenance, Tractor Trailer light duty maintenance

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Miller Total Clean, LLC – Tank Wash and Truck Wash Services:

  • Capacity of 25 trailers cleaned per day
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Exterior tractor and trailer washing
  • Kosher Non-Edible
  • Food Grade
  • Steaming
  • Trailer/Product Heating
  • Heel Disposal
  • Liquid wash bays utilize high-pressure Sellers 360 spinners
  • All trailers are dried using high-volume forced air at no extra charge
  • Liquid pumps are cleaned utilizing circulation pumps for a thorough, quality cleaning

Tank Wash Cleaning Services

  • Boosted caustic wash, Chemical tank cleaning,
  • Detergent wash, Dry bulk cleaning,
  • Dry bulk conversion wash, Dry bulk plastics, Drying,
  • Exterior tank clean, Flush, Gasket replacements,
  • Hazardous chemicals / products, Hopper bottoms cleaning,
  • Hose cleaning, ISO tank cleaning, Latex wash,
  • Polymer cleaning, Pump cleaning, Rinse – cold/hot,
  • Steam and flush, Steam – low and high pressure

Driver Amenities Include:

  • Driver lounge with TV and Free internet access
  • Free Coffee
  • Vending Machines

Does Miller Total Clean offer tank wash and maintenance facilities within your locations

Yes! Miller Total Clean offers a wide range of services throughout all our locations, to find out more about these locations Click here this link will open a new tab. to view all of our locations and services provided at each location

What kind washes does Total Clean have to offer

What kind washes does Total Clean have to offer – Total Clean has a variety of different washes available to its customers, However some locations offer more washes than others.

About M T Clean

M T Clean tank cleaning and sanitization system is among the most advanced in the industry, meeting or exceeding quality control standards required for FSSC22000, ISO22000 and Kosher Certifications.

This system is menu based with computer controlled cleaning based on prior commodities.   Total Clean, LLC uses a integrated tank drying system controls the flow of filtered air through a custom manhole assembly. The computerized processes conserve water and energy while maximizing cleaning and providing quality without compromising the integrity of your food grade commodities.

M T Clean washes all use TMT (Trimble technology) to invoice and we plan in the near future to offer an interactive customer portal for all customers to view tanks, invoices and complete yard checks.

Food Grade Tank Wash Services

The general population has confidence in the food and drinks they consume as we have regulations to keep our food supply chain safe. These regulations include how the food is handled, stored and transported, which also includes, how a bulk tank trailer needs to be washed.

Tank Wash Facilities

Bulk Tank trailer wash facilities are located across North America and will typically wash out the bulk food grade tank in one of the following ways.

The most common type of tank wash is performed with a caustic soda solution or detergent. The solution will be placed inside a spinning mechanism that is inserted into the tank through the dome. This mechanism spins around and sprays the solution all over the tank, which is then rinsed, drained, and dried afterward.

A similar process is used for food-grade washes – which use specialized food-grade detergents – and Kosher washes – which only use Kosher-certified materials to wash the tank.

In many cases, the tanker’s gaskets, hoses, and pumps will be cleaned along with the inside of the tank, not all carriers have trailers that have pumps and hoses, along with in transit heat or Texas wash systems, these are all considered specialty tank trailers.

When products such as food allergen’s and other types of bulk liquids are exposed to one another, contamination can occur. Even a small trace of the tank’s previous product can have a huge negative impact on the next product being loaded. As such, once a product is hauled in a liquid bulk tanker and unloaded at the delivery site, that tank will need to be thoroughly washed before it can be loaded with another product

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