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Western Truck School – Santee, CA

10541 Prospect Ave, Santee, CA 92071

(800) 929-1320 | Website

Class A Commercial Driver Program

Ready to roll?

The top trucking companies in the nation actively recruit from graduates of our Class A Commercial Driver Program.

The program prepares you for the California Commercial Driver License test and teaches you the skills you’ll need to find employment in the trucking industry.

160 clock hours of intensive training to be completed in 4 – 8 weeks

Classroom training covers DOT safety rules and state regulations

Field training for highway, rural and city driving including day and nighttime traffic conditions

Defensive driving, backing, emergency procedures and safety are emphasized

Day, evening, and weekend classes offered for your convenience

Get quality training to jump-start your career and apply to some of the biggest and best carriers.

Western Truck School assists graduates and teaches job search techniques to help students find jobs in the trucking industry. Study hard and master the skills and you’ll leave the program as an entry-level driver prepared to work regionally and nationwide for the nation’s largest truckload carriers.

What does the training cost?

Tuition varies based on the program you select. WTS provides many different training programs and may also customize a program for your specific needs. Please contact an admissions representative to discuss your options and pricing.

What kind of jobs can I get in trucking?

There are thousands of jobs in the trucking industry, many of which are driving, logistics, warehousing, training and dispatching. WTS provides you assistance in finding a job before, during and after you complete training. Please contact our placement department for specific details.

What carrier offers the best job benefits?

Carrier Representatives recruit at WTS campuses and can answer all your questions about that particular carrier and help you assess your options.

How do I find carriers willing to hire a recent graduate?

We work with several major carriers to help our students find employment as soon as possible. During enrollment, several carriers will review your application and your current driving record. If qualified, you will be offered a pre-hire letter. Many of our students go to work right after receiving their CDL.

How old do I have to be to get my Class A CDL?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver License, however, until you are 21 years of age you cannot travel outside of the state of California. Finding employment under the age of 21 will require some research on the student’s part.

What are the requirements enroll?

During the enrollment process, we will take a copy of your current driver’s license, your social security card and your proof of education (high school diploma or GED). We’ll also need a copy of your H6 (10 year DMV report). You will be required to complete a Department of Transportation physical and drug screen prior to attending class.

Will future employers pay for my training once my training is complete?

No. We currently do not have any company sponsored training available. However, many of the carriers that hire our graduates have a tuition repayment program that can reimburse students up to $15,000.00 for their training costs.

When are classes held?

We currently offer day, night and weekend classes to help people work around their busy schedules.

Day Classes: Monday – Thursday 6:00am-5:00pm

Night Classes: Monday – Friday 5:30pm-11:00pm

Weekend Classes: Saturday & Sunday 6:00am-5:00pm

Do you offer financial aid?

We do not currently have financial aid services. However, our admissions representatives will work with each individual to determine their current situation. They may be able to identify a possible grant, private loan or set up a payment plan to help pay the tuition.

Do I have to go to DMV for my test?

Yes, you will be completing your testing at the DMV. A Western Truck School instructor will be with you and supply the truck you’ll need to complete the drive test.

What if I have discrepancies in my background or past driving record?

This does not automatically disqualify you. Each admissions representative will take the time to review the facts during registration and enrollment. They are knowledgeable in reading DMV documentation and help you understand your options.

Do I have to have my Class A permit before starting school?

No. This is part of the course program in the first week of instruction. Our instructors and coursework will prepare you to take your permit test at DMV during that week.

After I secure My Class A CDL, how soon can I go to work?

You can begin your job orientation as soon as you completed the program and passed your Class A CDL testing.

What is the shortest course you have available for a Class A?

We are an approved school with the Bureau of Private Post Secondary Schooling. The shortest course we offer new students is our 160 hour Tractor-Trailer Operator Program. We also have a 330 hour Advanced Tractor Trailer Operator program and 640 hour Commercial Driver Operator Program that go beyond the basics to help accelerate your driving career.

Do I have to have a perfect driving record?

You do not have to have a “perfect” record in-order to attend schooling. During the registration and enrollment process, we’ll work with our main carriers to see if you will qualify for employment after completing the course. Most Carriers require that DUIs are between 2-5 years old for the first offence and no more than one in the last 10 years.

What if I do not feel like I am not learning fast enough?

We have an open door policy and encourage students to discuss concerns at any time. Your progress will be reviewed and a course of action discussed to make sure you are getting the most out of your training.

What if I miss a day or am running late for class?

Attendance is very important. Students must contact the School or the instructor to report they are running late or going to be absent. Students must make up time missed within seven (7) days of the absence or prior to their program completion date if they do not have seven days remaining in their training program.

What if I do not pass my DMV Test on the first try?

Per the enrollment agreement, WTS offers students two attempts at the DMV. Additional testing may require additional fees to compensate for the instructor and truck.

Why do I need to do 40 hours of classroom work?

The classroom portion of the Class A program prepares students with the foundational knowledge necessary for helping them pass their Class A CDL Permit test as well as for initially operating a commercial vehicle.

What does OTR driving Mean?

OTR means “over the road.” Driving covers all 48 continental states and can include Canada and Mexico. Drivers can be on the road for three or more weeks at a time before having home time.

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