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CDL College – Commerce City, CO

7170 Dahlia St, Commerce City, CO 80022

(303) 227-7841 | Website

CDL COLLEGE: A Different Breed

There are A LOT of trucking schools across America and most of them operate the same way: students are required to begin training at 6 a.m. on a Monday, and they’re asked to stay until a specified time. Nice prison. CDL College takes a different approach, one that accommodates your lifestyle and schedule.

Open Enrollement

We’re unlike other schools. When we ask, “when can you begin training?”, we mean it. Tuesday? Saturday after cartoons? Open Enrollment means students begin training when their schedule allows. If you can’t quit your day job, don’t. How often you train is up to you. We don’t tell our students when to come to school, they tell us when they can come to school. Flexibility. Check this: we had a student who began training, went to jail and pounded rocks for a year, then returned to finish training. Our classes start every day. Pick your training hours, we’ll accommodate you.

98%? Yep. Our training techniques are advanced: computers everywhere; a phone app that tracks student time; a semi tractor covered in flat screen TVs with narrated lessons; and the computers...did we mention those? We use high-tech solutions to train our students. We also hire the best instructors in the trucking industry.

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