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Careers World Wide – Keenesburg, CO

35 S Main St, Keenesburg, CO 80643

(303) 732-4530 | Alt: (800) 852-1243 | Website

Charles Tweedy bought his first truck in 1977 and has made the trucking industry his livelihood ever since. His experience spans throughout the industry, beginning as a successful owner/operator to purchasing a small fleet; Tweedy Independent Trucking Service. Charles found that it was a challenge to find qualified drivers, so he made the decision to train his own. This led to Charles taking a position with one of the largest tractor-trailer training facilities in the nation. Ultimately, he sold his trucks, relocated, and became its regional director.

Charles started training drivers 25 years ago. He found that the way Class A – Commercial Driver’s

Licenses were being given out, with classroom and lab time taking priority over hands-on experience was very disconcerting. He was very concerned that these diploma mills were graduating inexperienced students-putting students behind the wheel of an 80,000 pound, 75 foot long vehicle with little or no on-the- road experience.

Careers World Wide was built on the premise of training people how to drive a truck in a truck. In its 22 years of operation, CWW has built a strong relationship with many of the most reputable carriers in the nation, because of the quality student drivers it produces. Trucking is the second largest industry in our nation. There is only a limited amount that one can learn in a classroom; it is a hands-on industry and CWW is a hands-on school.

Careers World Wide offers you a career while other companies just offer you a job. Opportunities are available for drivers at every commercial level. Careers World Wide is the guiding hand in leading inexperienced driver trainees to become respected professional drivers. Thousands of success stories are a result of the Careers World Wide training program. Our students begin with no experience and many are now million-mile, accident-free, professional truck drivers in a rapidly growing commercial trucking industry.

Careers World Wide is a family-owned and operated school. Careers World Wide personnel have a cumulative total of over 200 years of experience in the trucking industry. Careers World Wide instructors understand the importance of the need to produce a safe and capable new driver into their own industry by challenging them to the fullest. The concept behind training in the truck has long been circumvented, because of the profit that can be made through classroom time, no truck usage, no fuel costs, no maintenance costs, no instructor costs, etc… Careers World Wide is in business to make a profit, but to do it with a conscience and to add an asset to the industry, not a statistic.

Charles has made Careers World Wide into the largest training facility in Colorado and the largest third party testing site in the state. Careers World Wide has lived off its reputation since opening its doors and takes great pride in that fact. Careers World Wide is a personal school that deals with people not numbers.

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