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Atlanta Technical College – Atlanta, GA

1560 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 225-4754 | Website

The Commercial Truck Driving Certificate Program provides basic training in the principles (classroom) and skills of commercial truck operations (on driving range and over-the-road). At the completion of the program, the student is administered the Georgia CDL Skills Exam by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services.

Graduate should be able to obtain load and trip information as required. 3. Graduate should be able to perform a vehicle and load inspection for each trip. 4. Graduate should be able effectively use resources to plan a route and estimate expense for any trip. 5. Graduate should be able to competently drive a tractor trailer on all types of roads and deliver a load safely and efficiently. 6. Use and reference FMCSA regulations and rules.

Atlanta Technical College Philosophy

The strength of Atlanta rests in its citizens whose skills, values, and ethics make them a productive and competitive force. The men and women of Atlanta should be productive workers if the city and its environs are to attract new business and industry and strengthen existing companies that have enabled Atlanta to become the commercial hub of the entire Southeast.

Atlanta Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, marital status, or disability. Individuals should be provided programs and services that will enable them to develop and improve their academic skills, technical competence, and work attitudes. These attributes are necessary for job acquisition, retention, and advancement in a career that is personally satisfying, socially useful, and economically beneficial.

Atlanta Technical College believes that opportunities in technical education must include general and technical literacy, academic skills and knowledge, technical skills, and the attitudes needed to enjoy life. To obtain employment, individuals must be competitive in today’s job market, and they must possess the skills that will earn them promotions throughout their careers.

Atlanta Technical College believes that the positive results of a literate and technical competent citizenry will accelerate Atlanta’s continued appeal to existing, expanding, new, and emerging businesses and industries and will in turn contribute to the economic and social growth of individuals living and working in and around Atlanta.

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