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Kotra CDL Driving School – Park City, IL

35 Old Skokie Rd, Park City, IL 60085

(262) 577-5227 | Alt: (847) 360-1616 | Website

The CDL Class A training programĀ is a 160 hour program involving classroom instruction, observation, lab practice and behind-the-wheel lessons. We offer the choice of training in a manual or automatic transmission CMV, the choice is yours.

Students are provided with up-to-date equipment for the best behind the wheel practice as well as a variety of study materials for a more effective learning process and success rate.

Classroom Training

During classroom training, you will learn the basic knowledge required for safe handling and operations of a commercial vehicle. This training is accomplished online at your own pace, at any time convenient for you.

Lab Practice

Our Lab is equipped with simulators and models of major components of the commercial vehicle including: brakes, suspension, wheels, steering, etc. All of our tools will help you gain necessary knowledge and learn how to perform a proper pre trip inspection from start to finish.

Behind the Wheel Training

On our training lot, you will learn basic maneuvers and backing techniques to gain skill knowledge.

The road training involves safe handling of the semi-trucks in various road environments. Students will learn defensive driving, safe turning, speed and space management, emergency maneuvers, etc.

Students that choose to train with a manual transmission will learn proper shifting techniques.

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