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Rock Valley College – Rockford, IL

3301 N Mulford Rd, Rockford, IL 61114

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Truck Driver Training

In just five weeks you can be on the road to a new career! Our 200-hour truck driver training program combines classroom presentation with hands-on experience that leads to a Class A Commercial Driver's License. The course will provide you with the basic skills to become a safe, professional truck driver. Upon successful completion, you will be able to secure an entry-level position in the trucking industry.

Rock Valley College Truck Driver Training program and Roehl Transport Truck Driving Jobs (www.Roehl.Jobs) have formed an exciting new partnership that makes RVC's Truck Driver Training program one of only four in the nation to be ROEHL certified.

This will allow students who take RVC's five-week Truck Driver Training program to opt for a Fast Track program that will lead directly to employment with ROEHL upon completion.

To learn more about this partnership with Roehl and how you can choose this option for your training, please contact Mark Sandoval at (815) 222-3103.

Truck Driver Training Program Options

Truck Driver Training Location: Rock Valley College Stenstrom Center, 4151 Samuelson Rd, Room 233

200-Hour Tractor-Trailer Entry Level Truck Driver Skills Training and CDL-A Preparation Certificate Program

The course is 200 hours total, training eight (8) hours per day, Monday through Friday for a total of five (5) weeks to the course completion. At the end of the fifth week of training the student will be accompanied by their RVC Instructor Specialist and provided the same RVC tractor-trailer that the student has trained on in their five (5) weeks of training in order to take the CDL-A test with the Illinois Secretary of State. (Ask about training for Wisconsin licensed drivers.)

Rock Valley College Truck Driver Training Tuition: $4,920.00

Program costs that are not included in the tuition, but will be required costs to the driver are as follows:

Illinois Secretary of State for a copy of the “driver's history”: $12.00

Physicians Immediate Care Clinic for a DOT Physical and DOT Drug Screen to be done no later than 15 days and no sooner than 29 days prior to a class’ start date: $125.00

Secretary of State for taking CDL-A Permit test: $50.00

A program cost that is optional to the driver is regarding Haz-Mat: “IBT” for the fingerprinting and background check through TSA website or a check to “IBT” in amount of: $86.50

48 hours of classroom

DOT-FMCSA/SOS rules and regulations

CDL-A permit preparation with CDL Study Guides

Written pre-testing and reviewing of:

- Illinois/Wisconsin CDL guides, rules, and regulations

- Driving safely, including but not limited to:

Vehicle inspections

Basic control of your vehicle

Shifting gears

Transporting cargo safely

Air brakes

Combination vehicles

CSA FMCSA compliance safety accountability

DOT hours of service and log book compliance training

Trip planning: planning a dispatch run by combining map book reading and log book compliance

Overall program protocols-safety in the trucks and operations in the yard skills and over-the-road driving

Endorsements: *hazardous materials, tank vehicles, and double/triple trailers classroom training and testing preparation

Trucking safety operation and practice series videos

132 hours of remedial: pre-trip inspections practice and enactments, additional time for classroom, enhanced yard skills training, and over-the-road driving skills

*In Illinois, a driver is required by TSA to have a background check done prior to taking the Haz-Mat Endorsement test with the Secretary of State. The cost to the driver is $86.50 and requires being fingerprinted with the process taking between two (2) to three (3) weeks to receive the letter of clearance from TSA, which in turn allows the driver to take the endorsement test with SOS.

RVC CDL-A Driver Improvements Brush-Up Refresher Training Programs

Driver improvements programs are designed for drivers that either have a valid CDL-A and would like to improve their skills or for a driver that has held a CDL-A in the past and is needing to prepare and improve skills to take the CDL-A exam test with the Illinois/Wisconsin Secretary of State.

For these drivers, there will be a prerequisite to a brush–up program assignment. This will require the driver to subject to a “Driving Skills Evaluation” with an RVC Instructor Specialist at no charge or obligation to the prospective student but to establish the driver’s current skills level.

In order for an RVC Instructor Specialist to conduct the driving skills evaluation on the driver’s skills will require that the driver have a valid CDL-A and a current DOT physical certificate; both hard card and long form.

Or that the driver have the proof of a past CDL-A Possession and a current and valid Illinois/Wisconsin Driver’s license; plus a valid CDL-A Permit and a current DOT physical certificate; both hard card and long form.

With the completion of the evaluation the driver can then be given the option of either an 80-hour, 120-hour, or an 160-hour Brush-Up Refresher as determined by the RVC Instructor Specialist’s grading of the driver’s performance.

The Brush-Up Refresher options are:

40 hours Brush-Up Refresher/$820.00

80 hours Brush-Up Refresher/$1,640.00

120 hours Brush-Up Refresher/$2,460.00

160 hours Brush-Up Refresher/$3,280.00

four (4) weeks training to completion with a certificate, i.e., CDL-A

RVC CDL-A Driver Improvements Specialized Skills Training Workshops

Workshopshops are available to improve upon and strengthen a CDL-A driver's skills set. Providing trucking companies and employee drivers with a third-party solution to aid in the retention of drivers needing attention, improvements, and employment.

Workshops are available on an as-needed basis, calculated at a rate of $150.00 per an eight-hour day session per driver.

Hazardous materials endorsement preparation

Hours of service/log book compliance

CSA compliance

Over-the-road safety driving skills including and not limited to:

Pre-trip inspections, brake checks, and leak downs

Smoothing out upshifting and downshifting; double clutching or floating methods

Using the downshifting method to reduce wear and repair on brake pads and brake drums

Lane control and space management

Mirrors use and wide turns, right and left procedures

Backing skills; straight backing, angle backing skills (45 degree and 90 degree), blindside backing, docking situations, and truck-stop parking

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