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DriveCO CDL Learning Center – Gary, IN

2101 W 37th Ave , Gary, IN 46408

(219) 887-3880 | Website

DriveCo CDL Learning Center in Gary, Indiana offers Class A CDL Training, CDL Refresher Courses as well as Private CDL Training. Truck driver training is an ideal learning experience for new CDL drivers to develop driving skills in a commercial vehicle. From classroom teaching to behind-the-wheel training, students will quickly perfect their driving skills.

Students are able to train at our Gary location as well as drive our trucks during the CDL testing, giving them a sense of ease and comfort testing in a truck they already know. There is no need to leave the state in order to test your skills. Everything can be completed right here in Northwest Indiana!


Professional Truck Driver Training for an Indiana Class A CDL

Our Professional Truck Driver Training Program is ideal for individuals with no prior knowledge or experience in the truck driving industry. Through our CDL Training course, students should gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed to become an Indiana truck driver. The material presented in our Class A CDL Training will allow students to take and pass the Indiana Commercial Driver’s License Test. Our training consists of a combination of classroom instruction as well as hands-on training in our practice yard and on the road at all of our DriveCo campus locations. This course prepares students for both the written permit and the behind-the-wheel exam in order to receive a Class A CDL. After receiving their Commercial Driver’s License, students will be eligible for employment as an entry-level driver.

Indiana Truck Driver Training with DriveCo CDL Learning Center provides students with job placement assistance. DriveCo works with a variety of nationally known carriers who are actively seeking out DriveCo graduates. Learn more about our Job Placement Assistance.

160-Hour State-licensed Class A CDL Training Program

Length: 4-weeks for full-time training, 10-weeks for part-time training. 160 hours total for both.

Class Start: CDL Training courses are offered every two weeks. DriveCo has training available weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Upcoming class starts can be found on our class schedule.

Tuition: Contact us for pricing. Tuition Assistance is available to those who qualify.

Curriculum: The following is an overview of the topics covered during the Class A CDL Training at DriveCo CDL Learning Center:

- Truck Parts and Terminology

- CDL Written Test Material

- Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations

- Use of Maps and Reference Materials

- Principles of Safe Driving

- Pre-Trip Inspection

- Hooking and Unhooking

- CDL Basic Control Skills

- Shifting/Double Clutching

- CDL Driving

- Logging

DriveCo can show you how you can be ready to test for your Class A CDL in as little as 4 weeks!


CDL Refresher & Recertification Courses

DriveCo CDL Learning Center offers Class A CDL Refresher Course to those who have recent and verified experience with Class A vehicles. CDL Refresher Courses are great for drivers who want to brush up on their skills or looking to restart their driving career.

DriveCo will provide a free assessment to any individual interested in the Refresher Course to see their current skill set. From there, DriveCo personnel will determine the length and curriculum of the course for the driver.

Customized Class A CDL Refresher Course

Length: Customized and priced by the hour. The trucker will have the option of one-on-one instruction or to jump into a current class that has just begun their training.

Requirements: Must have and had originally held a Class A CDL and experience with driving Class A vehicles. The instructor and trucker will discuss past experiences to help customize their program.

Tuition: Varies; based on program length. Contact the school office for details.

Curriculum: Our CDL Refresher courses are based on industry standards. This course can be customized to refresh skills in pre-trip inspection, shifting, backing, and other road skills.

Have you let your Class A CDL lapse and want to renew it? Or maybe you are feeling a little uncertain about a skill or two before retaking the test at the BMV? Fill out the form above and we will determine the number of weeks that will get the skills you need!


DriveCo CDL Learning Center

DriveCo CDL Learning Center was established in June 1990 in Gary, Indiana. DriveCo became a CVTA granted school in November of 2000. Our mission was and is still the same, “To provide students with the quality CDL training necessary to launch their career as a commercial driver for over-the-road, short haul or local delivery.” Since we began, we have successfully helped thousands graduate with their Commercial Driver’s License.

It is a well-known fact that truck drivers are in high demand throughout the United States. Many industries have long recognized the need for professionally trained truck drivers. At DriveCo, we help meet the demand for by offering quality CDL programs in Northwest Indiana. We were proud to consistently keep around 98% graduation rate with our students. After graduation and completion of the Class A CDL skills test, students are ready to enter the workforce and become a full-time truck driver.

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