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Tri-State CDL Training Center – Springfield, MA

255 Liberty St, Springfield, MA 1104

(413) 788-8800 | Website

Tri-State CDL Training Center is a professional truck driving school licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Massachusetts Department of Education.

We are a full-service truck driver training center specializing in Commercial Driver's Licensing: Class A, tractor trailer training and Class B, straight truck training. Air brake training, combination vehicles, doubles training (proper hooking and unhooking) and RMV testing performed on Tri-State's own certified on-site test course, are just a few of the benefits of being a Tri-State CDL student.

Begin a new career in the thriving truck driving industry that is rewarding and exciting.

Class A CDL Training Program

Class A CDL training consists of 40 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 100 hours of road and field maneuvers (combined). Each Tri-State CDL student receives 140 to 160 hours of truck driver training; preparing them for a truck driving career in the trucking industry.

Truck Driver Classroom Hours

Classroom hours for tractor trailer training consists of orientation, log book training, hours of service, basic control essentials and proficiency development. Transporting cargo and hazardous materials is also covered. Students learn how to handle vehicle fires as well as procedures in case of an accident, speed and space management and driving in extreme weather conditions.

Preventive maintenance, trip planning and proper backing techniques is covered, along with rules of conduct regarding drugs and alcohol, driver qualifications/disqualifications and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Truck Driver Field Training

Truck driver field training consists of vehicle pre-trip inspection, air brake testing and learning to alley dock and offset alley dock the tractor trailer. Blind-side parallel parking as well as sight-side parallel parking is also introduced. The truck driver training student also learns to upshift and downshift a tractor trailer on property.

Once the truck driving student feels confident and the Tri-State instructor feels the student is handling the equipment properly, the student then moves out onto the public roadways.

About Us

Tri-State CDL Training Center, Inc. has the most highly qualified staff of truck driving instructors in New England. As a student at Tri-State CDL Training Center, you'll receive the most current and complete driver training available on the market. Tri-State CDL Training Center offers five CDL courses, boasting the largest training facility in New England. Come and see for yourself why our facility cannot be matched by any other CDL training center in the region.

Tri-State CDL was founded out of a concern for the future of the trucking industry. Our goal is to produce graduates with a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility that any employer would be proud to have represent them. We feel SAFE DRIVING is a civic responsibility! There is no room on our nation's highways for under-trained truck drivers. We are committed to training our students thoroughly, with the most advanced programs available. We vow to always place quality over quantity and professional conduct over profit. By being the best we can be, our students will become a welcome asset to America's Transportation Industry!

Tri-State CDL offers:

⋅Clean, Modern Classroom Facilities

⋅Day and Evening Classes

⋅Small, Comfortable Classroom Environment

⋅Low Student - to - Equipment Ratio

⋅Well Maintained, Industry Standard, Late Model Equipment

⋅Professional, Licensed Instructors

⋅Full-Time Course Completed in Four Weeks

⋅Part-Time Course Completed in Eight Weeks

⋅40 hours of Classroom, 100 hours of Road and Field Training

⋅Driving Time is a Combination of Road & Field Maneuvers

⋅Career-ready in as Few as Four Weeks

⋅We are the Only School in New England to Offer a Course in the Proper Hooking and Unhooking of Double Trailers

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