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Interstate Truck Driving School – South St.Paul, MN

499 Villaume Ave, South St.Paul, MN 55075

(651) 735-9250 | Alt: (866) 860-4664 | Website

Interstate Truck Driving School Provides the highest quailty training in Minnesota!

Interstate is Minnesota's oldest and largest private truck driving school. Owned and operated by Bill Collins. Bill is a U. S. Army Vietnam Veteran and Interstate's Professional Program is approved for Veterans using their G.I. BillĀ® Veterens Benefits.

Start your career as a professional truck driver here!

There has never been a better time to become a truck driver. The nation wide driver shortage provides you the opportunity to make between $40,000.00 to $70,000.00 per year as a truck driver.

If you have a good driving record, clean RAP sheet, are physically fit, and have a strong work ethic, you have a lot of options for a good paying job. Interstate Truck Driving School can provide you with the guidance and training you need to succeed.

There has never been a better time to become a truck driver!

Graduates from Interstate Truck Driving School are in high demand by trucking companies both nation wide and locally. Most trucking companies will accept an application for a driving position BEFORE you start your training or obtain your license. This process provides you with a written offer of employment before you commit to the training. Please call ahead for an appointment and our staff will guide you through the pre hire process when you visit our campus.

What this program includes:

One-on-One on the road training with a licensed instructors, as many hours as needed

Typically, 40 Hours of Classroom Time

Typically, 40 to 60 Hours of Labwork

Typically, 10 to 30 Hours of Backing Practice (more time available with no charge)

Typically, 10 to 30 Hours of Simulator Time (more time available with no charge)

Retests (if needed)

Classes start every Monday at 8AM. You will need to pre-register the week before you start your training. You can register during normal business hours at our main campus in South Saint Paul (499 Villaume Ave, South St. Paul, MN 55075).

Our Professional Tractor Trailer Training Programs are Proficiency Based! Students have the option of training with an automated transmission or using manual transmissions. The #1 Goal of this program is your Safety! Interstate has achieved a perfect safety record since the first day of operation, March 7th, 1998. We have policies, procedures, and equipment designed to keep all of our students SAFE!

The #2 priority is to help you get your CDL license. It is important to understand that everyone learns and progresses at a different rate. We treat all of our students as individuals and we structure the training to meet individual needs. While state rules prohibit us from guaranteeing that you will pass your test, our goal is to train you to develop the proficiency you need to be prepared for the test. After you pass your CDL road test there is one additional week of training in the Big Rigs. That is why this program is Proficiency Based...since everyone learns at a different pace, some drivers need more time than others to prepare for and successfully pass their driving test.

We will not push you into taking the CDL test before you are confident and ready! And we will not delay you from taking the test once you are ready. We have better access to testing services than other truck driving schools in the area. You will have unlimited access to driving activities (backing range, simulator, and pre trip inspection preparation) to ensure you will achieve the success you deserve.

This 1st week of instruction is provided via the internet with ZOOM. On campus lab work begins the second week. Students will progress through the training based on their proficiency. Students using G.I. BillĀ® Benefits attend at least 20 hours per week for eight weeks. Once you start the program, we will monitor your progress. We can then predict how long it might take you to successfully prepare for and complete the CDL testing.

The cost of our Proficiency Based Class A Training Program with automated transmissions is $4.995.00. The cost for the Class A Program in manual transmissions is $6995.00. Students that have previous experience with manual transmissions in cars or trucks may receive a $1,000.00 discount on the manual program if they successfully pass a manual transmission evaluation by our staff at time of registration.

Training is completed when the student passes the CDL Road Test and has completed proficiency levels required by Federal Regulations. There are 35 subject matters that must be taught and proficiency demonstrated along with 14 driving skills that must also be taught and proficiency demonstrated. While the FMCSA does not require any number of hours of training,160 hours of training is a minimum required by many of the carriers that hire our students and most of our customers will exceed the 160 hours easily. Should students need more time on the backing range or driving simulators, there is no extra charge for this additional time. We feel an obligation to every student to help them succeed and thus we do not put a limit on time they have access to these two activities.

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