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Clement Truck Driving Academy – Lebanon, MO

920 Alexis, Lebanon, MO 65536

(417) 532-3331 | Website

Clement Truck Driving Academy

With over 100 years of combined experience in transportation, it's no surprise many people choose Clement Truck Driving Academy for their training provider. Our truck driving school in Missouri educates drivers across the Midwest, and we offer free housing to students who aren’t local. We’re one of the few CDL schools with housing accommodations included in the tuition.

We are a Truck Driving School

Located in Lebanon, Missouri

Clement Truck Driving Academy's philosophy is that quality training is priority. The academy was established to offer the highest standard of education available for Class A Commercial Driver’s licensing. Its mission is to well equip entry level drivers to enter this ever-changing industry. Through instruction in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, compliance, safety and the development of driving skills in a positive and professional environment, students will acquire the tools needed to become successful in one of the most important industries today. As everyone at Clement has their Commercial Driver's License and has over-the-road (OTR) experience, we feel we are more than qualified to train drivers.

Our Class A CDL school in Missouri features an in-depth training program. This course is by far our most popular option. The program is 4 weeks long, with class times from 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

How Does Training Work?

[1st Week]

Students will learn everything needed to obtain a Class A CDL permit. This includes General Knowledge, Air Brake, Combination Vehicle, Doubles and Triples, Tanker, and Hazmat endorsements. Keep in mind, not all of this is required to obtain a permit. If you want the bare minimum, you'll need General Knowledge, Air Brake and Combination Vehicle. The more endorsements one has, the more valuable they are in the industry.

If a student already has their permit, the information taught during the first week of the Class A CDL class will be reiterated to ensure understanding of the knowledge provided. You'll also learn a ton of driving theory, including mountain driving! If a student does not have their permit, it's completely fine—you'll learn all of that in your first week. This will include the following endorsements: Doubles and Triples, Tanker, and Hazmat.

[2nd Week]

Students will begin working on pre-trip inspection and backing maneuvers. It is absolutely not recommended that students watch pre-trip videos online, as they're usually outdated and/or wrong. Backing is probably one of the most important things a student can learn in truck driving school, as this is something you'll likely be doing on a daily basis. These CDL Class A maneuvers consist of the following:

Straight Line Backing

Offset Backing

Parallel Park

90-Degree Alley Dock

After working on backing for a bit, students will be introduced to road driving.

[3rd Week]

Road driving will likely begin in the automatic truck to work on turning first. If students wish to test in a manual transmission truck, they will be trained in the manual once they can safely maneuver turns and roundabouts. If students wish to move forward with the manual transmission, they will then be trained on double-clutching, proper upshifting, and downshifting. Students will continue working on pre-trip inspection, backing, and road driving until they have been approved to test for their Class A license. Training will then progress to review and test prep.

[4th Week]

Students will be relearning and reiterating what we've learned the last three weeks. Our CDL Class A test prep should ensure students’ readiness for the test. There are three components to a state administered CDL test:

Vehicle inspection (walk around and air brake test)



You cannot move to another section without first passing the previous section. Apply now to our Class A CDL school in Missouri to get started on this exciting new career path.

Doyle Clement is the CEO of Clement Truck Driving Academy, LLC. Doyle is a lifetime resident of Conway, Missouri. He has worked successfully in the transportation industry for over two decades.

In 1996, Mr. Clement began his career with Missouri Department of Transportation, MoDOT, and during his tenure, has assisted 149 MoDOT employees in obtaining their Class A Commercial Driver’s License, with a one-hundred percent success rate. In 2013, he began his LLC, Clement CDL, expanding his efforts to help others seeking professional driving opportunities.

Doyle’s love of teaching and commitment to the transportation industry inspired him to address the need for qualified drivers on a more extensive basis. He established Clement Truck Driving Academy, LLC to craft highly skilled, safety oriented and fuel efficient drivers to enter the trucking industry.

Understanding and Innovation

We know not everyone learns in the same way. That's why we're able to adapt and teach the way you learn.

Happy New Truckers

More than 150 Happy Students recommend us

Promising Career

This career is stable, pays well and many carriers offer great benefits.

Job Placement

We've spent a lot of time building relationships with reputable carriers happy to hire our students.

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