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Pearl River Community College - Woodall Technology Center – Hattiesburg, MS

906 Sullivan Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

(601) 554-4667 | Alt: (601) 403-1000 | Website

Commercial Truck Driving is a 10 week (300 hours) instructional program and 6 week intership that prepares individuals to drive trucks and other commercial vehicles. Instruction includes operating diesel powered vehicles, loading and unloading cargo, reporting delays or accidents on the road, verifying loads against shipping records, and maintaining necessary records. Applicants may earn a Certificate of Completion from either workforce training or college course credit options. Instruction is offered in various formats including Workforce Training, College Credit Program and two-week refresher courses.

In 1909, Pearl River College began its historical odyssey as the state’s first county agricultural high school. For the first eleven years, the school was devoted solely to educating high school age children in academic studies and agricultural and home sciences. In the school’s twelfth year, PRCAHS became the first Mississippi agricultural high school to offer freshman college courses. By 1924, the school became the first public two-year college in the state. All through its existence, Pearl River College has lead Mississippi education into new arenas.

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