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North Valley Career and Technology Center – Grafton, ND

1540 School Rd, Grafton, ND 58237

(701) 352-3705 | Website

The North Valley Career and Technology Center

The focus of this class is to give the students an understanding of what is needed to obtain the CDL certification. You will start with the basics and move up to the finer points of the trade. Topics include required CDL Manual subjects such as General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination Vehicle, as well as Tanker, Doubles/Triples, and Hazmat endorsements. Also covered are hours of service, weight and balance, vehicle out-of-service regulations, and National Safety Council professional truck driver DDC. At the end of the year students should have the skills needed to obtain a CDL permit and begin to work on the skills needed to pass the CDL drivers test. Students need to be 18 to obtain the CDL permit and to earn the CDL license.

he North Valley Career and Technology Center exists to provide career and technical education to high school students and adults living in the Grafton area. Career and technical education prepares people for work through employment related education and training programs. These programs provide instruction in related basic education, career development, general vocational knowledge, family living skills, and specific occupational skill training.

At North Valley Career and Technology Center the curriculum combines classroom instruction, laboratory work, participation in youth organizations, and on-the-job training. The classroom curriculum centers on real-life problems students are likely to meet on the job. Laboratory work provides opportunities for students to work with materials, equipment, and processes of different jobs in a supervised setting. Through career and technical student organizations students are involved in activities designed to develop leadership skills and reinforce other aspects of the curriculum. Cooperative work experiences combine classroom and on-the-job

instruction under the close supervision of qualified instructors/coordinators. A strong background in basic academic skills is the foundation for all learning. Application of academics is infused into the training provided through the Center’s programs. Preparing students for work also includes providing instruction in prevocational, work maturity, communications, and other employability skills in addition to specific skill training. North Valley’s programs include support services providing career exploration, planning, and development for students.

North Valley Career and Technology Center believes in the worth and dignity of each student. All individuals have equal rights and are entitled to equal opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, or handicapping conditions. Programs are structured and support provided to allow all students to grow and develop to their maximum potential.

The North Valley Career and Technology Center believes that the success of career and technical education depends on a close partnership with the community particularly with business, industry, and labor. As the labor force grows so will the skill levels required for occupational success. Technology is advancing at a pace that will leave few if any employment opportunities for unskilled, untrained workers. The Center will meet this challenge by striving to provide quality career and technical programs that will prepare its students for employment in the ever changing workplace.

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