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JTL Truck Driver Training – Omaha, NE

10008 Sapp Brothers Dr, Omaha, NE 68138

(402) 932-0000 | Alt: (866) 486-4446 | Website


Class A Truck Driver Training

Our staff – all are dedicated, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

Our Reputation – do your homework.

Our team of industry experts — we’re ready to guide you on the road to your new career.

We truly feel our students and graduates are a part of our own extended family.

We care about you!

We’re based locally in Omaha, NE.

CDL Training School: Why Choose JTL?

We’re a locally owned and operated Class A CDL truck driver training school in Omaha, Nebraska — and we love what we do! We care about each and every one of our students and are dedicated to helping you succeed. We take the time to get to know our students and help guide them through the steps it takes to help them achieve their goals.

Class A CDL Training in Omaha, Nebraska

Our training program is 160 hours, including classroom and field training.

Our full-time training takes place from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Our part-time training takes place Tuesday & Thursday night from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm along with Saturdays from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Full-Time CDL Training with JTL

The field training includes backing, shifting, and maneuvering your vehicle in traffic. Your professional trainer will be right at your side as you build your skills and confidence.

Your time in the field is spent on city streets and highways; not on a range with simulated traffic and maneuvering situations. You’ll train in the types of situations you’ll face as a professional driver by getting experience with heavy traffic, tough turns, lane changes, and more.

We pay close attention to areas you need help with and spend as much time as possible on challenging areas like backing. After completing our field training you’ll have the knowledge and the experience to begin your driving career.

Truck Driver Training: Classroom Skills

Our classroom training prepares you to take the written CDL tests required for the commercial driving Permit and License including: General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Air Brakes, as well as the Double/Triple Trailer, Tanker and the Hazardous Materials tests.

Our classroom training won’t just prepare you to pass your CDL exams – General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combinations – It also trains you for real world situations and gets you ready for a career as a truck driving professional.

You’ll learn to complete a log-book to record your hours of service, learn how to read a map and plan the most effective trip for your routes.

We will study the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations and many other subjects, from safety to vehicle operation.

Professional CDL Training: Behind The Wheel

State of the Art 4 Way Camera Tracking System

We’ve developed our very own camera monitoring system that monitors the vehicle

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