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Professional Skills Institute – Maumee, OH

1505 Holland Rd, Maumee, OH 43537

(800) 216-5770 | Website

Obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with Training from Professional Skills Institute!

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers with a commercial driver's license (CDL) transport goods from one location to another. Driver schedules can vary widely depending on the type of route they travel. Drivers can travel local routes that can be completed within a day, or they can be assigned to longer trips that span several states and require several days on the road. Commercial drivers are required to adhere to state and federal safety regulations, and perform a variety of functions aside from driving. Drivers are responsible for securing cargo for transport, inspecting their vehicles before and after a trip, identifying and reporting mechanical problems, and maintaining a log of their hours.

Most commercial drivers work for transport companies, but some may own or lease their own tractor-trailers and work for themselves.

At Professional Skills Institute, you will gain valuable tools and training including:

Introduction and Basic Operation

This course begins by preparing students for the written portion of the CDL test, which is required to obtain a CDL Learner's Permit, which is necessary for the on-road portion of the program. In addition, students will begin hands-on practice, in our driving range, with commercial vehicles, including vehicle inspections and practice backing, parking, and basic driving skills.

Road and Range

This course continues the hands-on practice of commercial truck driving. Students complete inspections and practice backing, parking, and driving skills. Students complete skills both on the range and out on the road, including night driving. Students prepare for the skills and driving portions of the Commercial Driver's License exam.

Begin training to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) today at Professional Skills Institute!

Are you tired of waiting? At PSI, we are here to help you achieve your goal of finding good jobs in the transportation industry. You can further develop your professional skills by meeting with the Career Services Department! We have full-time Career Services staff on campus who are available to our students and graduates in person, by phone or email to support them in the pursuit of career opportunities.

Professional Skills Institute is a private post-secondary institution of higher education serving Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. The institute offers campus-based, career-focused diploma and degree programs, leading to professional certifications and licenses in a variety of healthcare and trades fields.

PSI was established in 1984 by Patricia Finch, an Ohio born registered nurse from the south end of Toledo, who had a vision of creating a school unique from the sprawling institutions in the region. This was to be a college for everyone; as rich in diversity as opportunity for success.

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