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CDL University – Oklahoma City, OK

2120 S Prospect Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73129

(405) 702-4333 | Website

CDL University’s Premier CDL Classes

It's time to start your CDL adventures

There are several different CDL classes you can attend because there are many different types of trucking careers you may pursue.

From long-haul to regional commercial truck drivers who only deliver goods within a specific region, CDL University is here to teach you how. Learn more about the type of truck driver you wish to become and the cost of training at CDL University.

Class A CDL Course

CDL University offers the newest equipment to train on in the state of Oklahoma. Its 20 classes at eight hours per session will help you feel well prepared for your Class A CDL test. CDL University invests in your success by never allowing more than 5 students per class. These small class sizes increase your chances of success earning your Oklahoma CDL by allowing you to have more one-on-one time with instructors. CDL University’s truck driving school enrollment staff works with you to find ways to pay for your CDL training school. Native American funding is available to qualifying students. Discover the CDL University difference and discover success in a new career in America’s top industry.

Class B CDL Course

Earning a Class B CDL opens up a vast array of opportunities in the transportation and trucking industry. CDL University’s world-class training program will have you primed, positioned and prepared to take advantage of those opportunities.

In just 3 short weeks, you’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Whether you are looking to stay local, regional or go over the road, your Class B CDL opens the way for you to start your new career on the right path to a bright financial future.

You’ll be trained in some of the newest equipment you’ll find anywhere by seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the transportation industry! You’ll train in all aspects related to your Class B CDL including hands on Vehicle Inspection; safe operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle and Proper Backing Techniques.

Our hands-on, behind-the-wheel approach to teaching and training will help you develop your skills quickly. Our small classes sizes are limited to 4 students giving you the confidence and personalized attention and instruction you desire and deserve.

CDL Permit Course

Learn everything you need to know to pass your CDL Permit test in one day! CDL University’s world-class instructors and staff have compiled a quick and easy-to-learn process to help you pass your CDL Permit test. This single-day, Saturday course occurs once a month from 8am-5pm, but seating is limited. Contact our enrollment specialists to reserve your spot today to get started toward your new higher-paying career tomorrow.

Class A CDL Refresher Course

Are you an experienced truck driver in Oklahoma City?

CDL University helps you sharpen your on-road skills and eliminate those bad driving habits you have formed over the years. Our updated courses are best for your truck driving job’s needs.

We have many students gain on-road experience and return to our school to develop additional skills for the advancement of their careers. As the top trucking school according to numbers, Oklahoma students are provided on the best quality education in commercial licensing.

CDL University's CDL Classes are the Right Choice

From the written exam, tractor trailer skills and job placement assistance, CDL University is the CDL School to help you earn your commercial driver’s license. Its truck driving classes is the first step to starting a lucrative career driving a truck.

As the Premier Trucking School in Oklahoma, CDL University Invests in Quality Truck Driver Training Solutions. It Aims of Creating an Elite Group of Commercially Licensed Drivers. You May Qualify for Free Class A CDL Training in Oklahoma.

CDL University is your leading CDL school in Oklahoma City.

CDL University’s mission is to produce highly skilled truck drivers on our local and national roads. We’ve developed a world-class training course that every student who enrolls with us can benefit from.

Our highly experienced and expert instructors are patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They offer every student the tools and the knowledge they need to succeed as a major carrier. We have assisted hundreds of students with the successful completion of their commercial driver’s license.

Attending a truck driving school gives you a better chance at passing the CDL test. Attending CDL University gives you a better chance at passing the test and starting a lucrative career driving a truck.

We prepare our students with the skills and the confidence they need to surpass their future employers’ expectations. Our instructors and staff have more than 40 years of experience in the truck driving training field.

Trucking companies recognize the quality of our program and the exceptional tractor trailer driving services our truck driving students bring to the workforce.

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