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Western Pacific Truck School of Oregon – Portland, OR

13691 NE Whitaker Way, Portland, OR 97230

(888) 565-0203 | Website

Western Pacific Truck School

Advanced Tractor Trailer Operator Program – 160 Hours All Locations



During the first week of training, the following items will be reviewed.

Introduction to Trucking, Control Systems, Hours of Service, Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Systems, Basic Control, Shifting, Backing, Coupling and Uncoupling, Visual Search, Communication, Space Management, Speed Management, Night Driving, Extreme Driving Conditions, Hazard Awareness, Emergency Maneuvers, Skid Control, Accident Procedures, Fifth Wheel, Special Rigs Maintenance, Recognizing and Report Malfunctions, Handling Cargo, Personal Health, Trip Planning, Public Relations, and CDL.

The above subject matters will be covered in the following manner: tapes, lectures, demonstrations and bookwork. During this week, you will also be tested on all subjects covered. Once you have completed the first week of classroom, you will have received a broad theory in the above subjects. These theories will be applied during your field training. You will also be prepared to take your DMV permit and endorsements tests. Due to Covid-19, it is now mandatory to obtain a permit and medical card (DOT physical) before class starts.



In the first week of field training and lab, the following will be completed by the student.

Range Training/Road Training

Straight line backing, 90′ backing, shifting up and down, parallel parking, throttle and clutch control, and cornering techniques.

Once you have completed the above training, you should be able to complete vehicle inspection, describe engine controls, recognize malfunctions, complete a log book, perform emergency maneuvers, in-cab inspections, shifting up and down, and locking and unlocking fifth wheel. You will also start to master the following skills: straight line backing, 90′ backing, parallel backing, and cornering techniques.



Lab/Range/Road Training

Students will continue on backing skills and measured turns.

Students will become more proficient at shifting, throttle and clutch control, and cornering techniques.

Students will drive in light traffic, pre-trip, in-cab inspections, log books, lane control, and speed/space management.

Objective: For students to become more proficient in the above skills.


Working on backing skills, measured turns, space management, lane control, entering and exiting freeways, starting on an incline, medium traffic, heavy traffic, and city traffic.

Objective: For students to become proficient in the above skills and pass the State CDL test.


At Western Pacific Truck School of Oregon (hereafter referred to as Western Pacific) we recognize that persons who decide to attend a trade and technical school are making career choices that may affect them for the rest of their lives. We believe it is important to let prospective students know that truck driving – as with any other career – has its pros and cons. The trucking industry is experiencing a driver shortage that’s expected to become even more critical during the 2000’s. Experienced drivers can earn a good salary. There is a high demand for professional truck drivers who qualify under the Commercial Driver’s License program. On the other hand, truck driving may not be the career of choice for someone who doesn’t want to be away from home for long periods of time or who just prefers more structured work hours.


Pay rates and potential earnings vary considerably. In long-haul operations, drivers are usually paid a specified rate per mile, but may also be paid by the hour, or receive a percentage of the revenue the motor carrier receives for the load hauled. Long-haul drivers are expected to drive more than 100,000 miles per year. The average starting salary of a first year driver is $42,000 per year, according to A. T. A.

Western Pacific Truck School History

Western Pacific Truck School (formerly Western Truck School) was opened in West Sacramento, California in June of 1977 by Everett and Greta Nord with the goal of training men and women to become professional truck drivers.

In 1989, the ownership was divided and Nordic Enterprises, Inc. was established by Greta Nord. The first schools operating under Nordic Enterprises were Modesto and Fresno, California and Tualatin, Oregon. Since then, campuses in Stockton and Sacramento, California, and Tacoma (Lakewood) and Seattle (Kenmore), Washington have been added. The ownership of the Portland, Oregon school was transferred to Mr. Willy Eriksen, (Vice President of Nordic Enterprises) in July 2000.

The Portland, Oregon Campus was established in Tualatin in April 1988. In November 2000, we relocated to 10643 NE Simpson Street in Portland. In October 2005, we relocated to 13691 N. E. Whitaker Way in Portland. In September 2005, we opened our 3rd location at 1709 Van Wormer Street #4, Centralia, Washington.

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