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Tennessee College – Nashville, TN

100 White Bridge Rd, Nashville, TN 37209

(615) 425-5600 | Alt: (615) 425-5500 | Website

This program is designed to provide classroom work, yard and road driving experiences. Students are taught to drive defensively and gain the knowledge necessary to operate the vehicle as well as abide by all local, state and federal regulations. Students will be prepared for both the written and skills portions of the commercial driver's license (CDL) examination.

Broad Units of Study include Public/Customer/Employee/Employer Relations, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, CDL Regulations, Local, State & Federal Traffic Laws, Emergency Equipment Use, Road Atlas and Highway Routes, Instruments and Cab Controls, Engine & Air Brake Systems, Industry Related Paperwork, Weather Conditions, Hazard Perception, Emergency Maneuvers, Use of Clutch/Transmission/Gear Patterns, Coupling & Uncoupling Trailers, Defensive Driving Procedures and On the Road Driving.

The curriculum is covered in five weeks, at which point, students are skill tested, and may obtain their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Students that obtain their CDL, and have secured documented full-time employment may opt-out of the remaining class hours while still receiving a certificate of completion.

Students who do not pass their CDL exam, or who are not employed at the end of the five weeks, must complete the remaining required hours.

Drive a tractor-trailer combination or a truck with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight GVW . May be required to unload truck. Requires commercial drivers' license. Includes tow truck drivers.

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