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Center for Employment Training – El Paso, TX

294 Candelaria St, El Paso, TX 79907

(915) 859-1070 | Alt: (800) 533-2519 | Website

Center for Employment Training

Career training for a job in Truck Driving

In this hands-on truck driving job training program, you’ll train to become a truck driver by driving an actual tractor. That’s pulling a 53 foot trailer. CET’s truck driving program is the best in the industry. You don’t just learn how to pass the test, you learn how to be a safe over the road (OTR) driver. You’ll spend hand-on hours learning to drive and maneuver the big rig. You’ll also perform maintenance and safety checks, and learn how to maneuver in real world conditions. You will be prepared to take and pass a commercial driver’s license test. Once you graduate, we’ll help you find a job as a professional truck driver.

What you’ll learn in the Truck Driver job training program:


Basic Operation

Advanced Operating Procedures

Vehicle Maintenance

Non-Vehicle Activities

State License Preparation

Basic Computers

Customer Service

Job preparation, including interview and resume skills

Where do the Truck Driver job training classes take place?

CET offers truck driver job training program in El Paso, Texas and 2 locations in California, El Centro and Soledad, CA. In addition to the classroom learning on CET's campus, the full-size tractor and open roads will be your lab!

How long does it take to finish truck driver job training program?

This is a full time program and requires 30 hours a week. Students usually finish the 630 hour program in 6-7 months.

When does the next truck driver class start?

Right now! CET’s open enrollment means once your application is completed you can start the next day.

What types of jobs can I find after I graduate from the truck driving program?

When you’re trained as an truck driver, you’re qualified for a variety of jobs, including:

Delivery Driver

Line Haul Driver

Log Truck Driver

Over the Road Driver (OTR Driver)

Production Truck Driver

Road Driver

Semi Truck Driver

Tractor Trailer Operator

Truck Driver

How soon after graduation will I start working as a truck driver?

Every student’s experience is different, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry has a higher than average job growth. To see what the job outlook is like for truck drivers where you live, go to and plug in your state in the section for “Wages and Employment Trends.” And with CET’s job placement assistance, you will always have ready help to find the right job.

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