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C.R. England – Salt Lake City, UT

4701 2100 S , Salt Lake City, UT 84120

(800) 421-9004 | Website

Premier Truck Driving Schools & CDL Classes

C.R. England’s partner, Premier Truck Driving Schools, trains truck drivers across the nation. We offer travel and sleeping accommodations to students traveling to the various CDL school locations. Fill out our truck driving job application to learn more about getting started at a trucking school location near you.

The Premier Truck Driving School with C.R. England is a top-rated program that offers drivers a dedication to their education and a commitment to their career success. Our refrigerated-trucking company has been family-owned and in operation since 1920, with ever greater expansion as the years go on. Becoming a truck driver is a straightforward process when you go with our CDL license school. We place an emphasis on safety and proper driving procedures for the benefit of our driver’s future in the field. By the time you complete the program, you’ll have a well-rounded grasp of in-class knowledge and hands-on trucking on the road.

Start off your career as a commercial driver with exceptional training from our CDL trucking school. We aim to deliver only the best instruction, so you can enter the trucking workforce with certainty in your newfound professional skills.

We are currently hiring new truck drivers from across the nation. We will pay for your travel to the right school location for you! Each of our schools provide the best CDL classes that a truck driver could ask for. The quality of education students obtain at Premier Truck Driving Schools is among the best the industry.

Premier Truck Driving Schools offer a world-class program, considered among the best in the trucking industry. With an emphasis on driver safety, this comprehensive program combines classroom training with on-truck and over-the-road driver training.

Premier Truck Driving Schools train drivers better, and C.R. England guarantees a trucking job upon completion of the CDL training and upon meeting our hiring requirements. Since you will be driving for us, we want you to be fully prepared to launch your CDL career.

Instead of having excessive classroom time, your truck driver training will be done largely in the truck itself. With instructive over-the-road work, Premier’s truck driving students leave fully prepared to drive a truck and drive it safely.

By attending Premier Truck Driving Schools, you will know that you have received the best truck driver training available.

If you’re in search of a qualified trucking company to sponsor your CDL trucking license, C.R. England is the top choice. Our Premier Truck Driving School offers a fully comprehensive curriculum to give drivers all the tools necessary to successfully earn their commercial license. After you attend a total of 17 days of class at any one of our various nationwide locations and receive your license, you can begin working for us.

We’re confident in the high-caliber education our CDL license school provides, that we regularly hire drivers from our program. Our trucking company will reimburse you for traveling to class. Call right now to confirm your spot before availability runs out 800-421-9004 When you choose our company-sponsored truck driving school, you’ll see for yourself why we’ve been in business since 1920. There’s no waiting time to get started, no upfront expenses and you have the chance to work with one of the best CDL trucking schools in the country.

C.R. England Partner School Information

School in Salt Lake City begins on Monday. You will need to arrive on Sunday afternoon so you can be here to start school on Monday at 6:00 A.M. Transportation and housing are provided while you are in school.

School is 10 days in length including orientation and will prepare you to successfully pass the CDL exam and become a professional truck driver. Our curriculum is the best in the industry and qualified instructors will guide you through the program. The mixture of classroom and on truck training will prepare you for a career with C.R. England.

While at our CDL training school, you will be given a pre-hire interview and a physical and drug test.

Upon successful completion of the school and orientation, you will be hired by C.R. England. Your first payday will be the second Tuesday after you are hired.

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