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Columbia Basin College – Pasco, WA

2600 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301

(509) 547-0511 | Website


This course provides an overview of the safety, mechanical components, control systems, and operation overview of the trucks. The basics of the safe operation of a commercial vehicle including defensive driving techniques, managing speed effectively, responding to road and weather conditions, and accident scene management. Also, federal DOT rules and regulations and CDL requirements are covered.

Classroom instruction on such topics as safety, vehicle control, starting, shifting, proper cornering, straight backing, docking, and braking.

On the street practice including space and speed management, up and down hills maneuvers, highway and city driving maneuvers, lane changes, and defensive driving.

Students practice advanced backing and maneuvering skills such as 45 degree blind sight backing, 90 degree sight backing, 90 degree blind sight backing and S backing.

This course helps identify the external and internal customers in the transportation industry and focuses on building effective customer service, public relations, listening, conflict resolution, and communication skills.

This course is intended to provide truck driving students with information on how to confirm proper operating levels, evaluate wear, identify symptoms, troubleshoot problems, and effectively communicate with maintenance operations.

This course is intended to provide the student with on-the-job driving and navigating experience. Gain experience with cargo loading, securing loads and documentation, map reading, DOT logbooks, and trip planning.

Why CBC?

Whether you’re looking to get a running start on your college credits during high school, returning to college after some time off, planning to transfer to a four-year college or seeking to improve your English – your future starts at Columbia Basin College.

We offer affordable tuition for more than 100 programs and degrees (two- and four-year), with amazing teacher to student ratios that help our instructors know you by name! With over 40% of our student population identified as Hispanic, CBC is recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, and we celebrate our diversity. Hawks soar together, and you belong here!

CBC has two beautiful campuses, in Richland and Pasco. Don’t wait to visit--start exploring our campuses remotely through our Virtual Tour.

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