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We're Budget Rent a Car located at 6742 Collins Ave (At 67th St) in Miami Beach, FL. Call us at (305) 865-4447. Offering you discounted rental car rates, including no ONE WAY Fees

Day after day, Budget employees and operators at more than 3,000 locations around the world help support our vision, mission and values. We are located at 6742 Collins Ave (At 67th St) in Miami Beach, FL. Book your next rental car with Budget and save upto 35% off. Your local budget rental car phone number is (305) 865-4447.

Budget Rental car is proud of our Mission:

We will be a growth-oriented car rental company by efficiently serving value-conscious customers for all of their car rental occasions.

We will consistently deliver a quality product, friendly service and great value that make customers confident that Budget is their best car rental choice.

A commitment to great value for customers:
- We provide great service at a great price that clearly demonstrates to our customers that they received the best car rental value.
- We use new ideas and innovations to enhance service and increase customer satisfaction.
- We solve problems creatively, and take action on behalf of our customers.

A focus on quality and service:
- We deliver quality work for the benefit of our customers and coworkers.
- We provide consistent and dependable service that exceeds expectations and creates loyal customers.
- We care each day about how our job affects the quality of the Budget product

A deep pride in who we are and how we work:
- We always keep the highest personal standards of integrity and honesty.
- We assist others on our team and throughout the company.
- We share our talents, skills and knowledge to improve team performance.
- We communicate openly and honestly, and share great ideas.

A recognition that profitability fuels our growth:
- We understand the importance of growing the profitability of our location and our business overall.
- We inspire others to elevate their performance and contribute to the company's success.
- We continue learning and developing new skills that help us build our bottom line and set the stage for continued growth.

A dedication to being a great place to work:
- We believe in creating a fun and friendly car rental experience for employees and customers alike.
- We maintain an upbeat work environment that is respectful of and welcoming to all employees and customers of all backgrounds.
- We are committed to a well-maintained, safe and presentable workplace.
- We show caring for our communities and encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable activities.

6742 Collins Ave (At 67th St), Miami Beach, FL
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(305) 865-4447
(800) 268-8900
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