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Transportation Breakdown Service Directory is a free search engine built to help you locate the nearest service for any breakdown situation, local gas prices and access to service providers you can trust. Our comprehensive directory gives you instant access to semi truck repair facilities nationwide.

Built with You in Mind

Truck Operators

Our service allows you to quickly locate the nearest service provider, communicate details about your breakdown incident and seamlessly communicate details to fleet managers and service providers.

Fleet Managers

Reduce the amount of time it takes to get crucial details for each breakdown incident with a dedicated dashboard to receive accurate breakdown locations, photos and nearby service providers ready to help.

Service Features

Free Directory Search

Quickly find the nearest service provider in our exhaustive directory.

User Dashboard

Access incoming alerts saved service providers and recent searches in one dedicated location.

Incoming Alerts

Operators can quickly share their physical location, photos and incident details via SMS using their mobile device.

Communicate with Providers

Share breakdown information directly with service providers from your dashboard.

Gas Prices

Find the lowest gas prices at nearby truck stops directly within the directory search.

Provider Reviews

Read and share reviews on the quality of services rendered by our listed providers.

Location Tracking

Our directory can find providers using your mobile devices physical location.

24/7 Access

Our website is available 24/7 to help you find the service you need and connect with service providers.

Job Board

Increase driver applications with free, unlimited job listings on our job board. Pay per application and only be connected with truckers interested in working for your company.

Premium Services

Users can also upgrade their account for access to these services:
Toll Calculator: Reliably calculate toll costs across all toll roads, tunnels, bridges, turnpikes and tollways.
Weather: Be prepared with real-time weather radar and alerts covering all your routes.
Traffic: Stay up-to-date on traffic, detours and closures affecting your routes.

$9 monthly / $85 annually.

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