Frequently Asked Questions

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Common User Questions

Is it free to sign up and use your services?

Yes! It is FREE to sign up and use many of our services. As a registered user, you gain access to a personalized dashboard. You can upgrade your account to benefit from premium services such as Incoming SMS Alerts, Free Job Postings, and Vendor Discounts.

How do I get rid of the ads in search results?

There are no ads showed to users who are signed in. Simply sign up for a FREE account and the ads will no longer show in your search results!

What is Company Code, and why do I need it?

This is a unique identifier for your company that will be used if you choose to take advantage of our premium services in the future (for example, if a driver breaks down, they can text us your Company Code and we'll route their report directly to your dashboard). It's also a way for us to quickly identify your company's account in the event you need support from us.

How does a driver send information about a breakdown?

The driver texts your Company Code to (863) 400-1133, which then prompts the driver to submit additional information about the breakdown such as photos, Truck #, Trailer #, and more. All of which gets routed directly to your dashboard for you to take prompt action.

Can I save my preferred vendors?

Absolutely! If you have a vendor you really like, just click the flag () next to the vendor on the search results. You can then view your Saved Vendors and Do Not Use Vendors () in your dashboard.

Can I search for national tire accounts?

Yes, our listings will indicate which national accounts are available with the specific vendor. You can also refine your search results by clicking on "Additional Search Options" and selecting your preferred national tire account networks.

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