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Roehl Transport – Gary, IN

6700 W 15th Ave, Gary, IN 46406

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Roehl’s Safety and Job Skills Truck Driver Job Training Program

Earning your CDL was the first step to becoming a professional driver. How well the trucking company you join trains you over the next few weeks will have an impact on your entire truck driving career. Our Safety and Job Skills Program (SJSTP) reflects over 25 years of successfully training new truck drivers to be successful in their trucking jobs. We are known for our outstanding training and resources that range from the things you need before you become a professional truck driver, like commercial drivers license practice tests, to continued training at Roehl Youniversity (our online learning portal). Know this: with Roehl, you'll be trained by a company built on values like Safety and Driver Success because our leader is also a driver.

What you’ll learn: the principles of success

Designed around easy-to-learn principles with lots of hands-on skill development, Roehl's Safety and Job Skills Training Program will teach you Department of Transportation (DOT) motor carrier rules, trip planning, freight handling and company policies.


Your 4-day pre-employment onboarding process begins with Qualification Day. Qualification Day includes a DOT urine drug test and a non-DOT hair follicle drug test, and it may also include a new DOT physical, if we were not able to accept a previous DOT physical. You will also complete a pre-work screening to determine whether you can perform the physical demands typically associated with the truck driver job. The remaining time includes the Roehl Way of Protective Driving class, followed by additional training/coaching, integration into Roehl’s policies/procedures, and meetings with operational teammates, including fleet managers. You will receive an honorarium of $400.00 for the successful completion of the onboarding process.

Phase 2: On the Road with a Certified Trainer

You will put the principles you learned in truck driving school to work as you go out over the road with the Certified Truck Driver Trainer. You will not be driving as a team – this is an important distinction as many carriers place inexperienced drivers with a trainer or other new driver to operate as a team – that’s meant to maximize the revenue generated by the truck, not on training you!

In Phase 2, your training is coordinated by a special Fleet Training Manager and your driver trainer. You’ll focus on refining your driving skills, maximizing fuel efficiency, trip planning, understanding how to use electronic on board log recording (EOBR) systems, learning how to handle freight and meet customer service expectations, and maintenance. Your trainer will be in the passenger seat while you drive and you’ll be in the passenger seat while your trainer drives.

This phase of training is performance-based. Most drivers are with a trainer for 19-24 days. You'll earn $90 per day when you are training with a trainer - that's on-the-job paid truck driver training focusing on your success.

Upon completion of this phase, we'll verify your skills and issue you your first truck and work assignment, routing you in a homeward-bound direction.

Phase 3: Your own truck

You're on full mileage pay, on your own in your own truck, but you are not alone. You'll transition from your Fleet Training Manager to your own Fleet Manager and be well on your way to experiencing driver success yourself. Phase 3 typically lasts about a month.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our paid cdl training program, and we've taken some of the most common and answered them here.

Many successful truck drivers started out with little or no knowledge of the transportation industry. Additionally, many trucking companies can seem like they are similar. Roehl is different.

You'll learn more about the program on this page and by reviewing the other information on our site, including testimonials from people who've changed their lives in one of our truck driving jobs.

Is this program for real?

Yes. This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We created the Get Your CDL Program because we need truck drivers to move our customer's freight. Largely due to the massive retirements of the Baby Boomer generation, the demand for truck drivers in America will continue to increase dramatically over the next ten years, and that makes truck driving a very stable career choice. Our company sponsored cdl training program connects you with skills you can use to improve your professional and personal life and helps us continue to grow our business.

What's the catch?

Because we spend a lot of money and invest heavily in you, we ask for your commitment in exchange for the value of our program. The value of the training is in effect a loan to you – a loan you’ll never have to pay back as long as you simply complete the training and work as a heavy duty truck driver for us for the 15 months (120,000 solo miles) after your training. We ask for your formalized agreement and you can be sure we’re promising to hold up our end of the deal as well.

Is this a truck driving school?

No. Our Get Your CDL program offers training as part of your job. If you were to go to a truck driving school, you would not be paid and you'd have come up with the tuition for the school. Our program is a job. We pay you while we train you to get your CDL. Then, we continue to pay you as you complete your on the job training as a professional truck driver.

I’ve completed the online selection, education and application process – now what happens?

The next step is for one of our Driver Employment Specialists to review and verify the information you provided. We’ll contact you when we’re ready to move forward so please watch for our email.

Where is the training located?

We provide training at or near main operations centers. Where you live plays a role in where our program is available and where you train. You can see a complete list of our training locations on our Get Your CDL Program Training Locations page.

What if the program is not available in my area?

Stay in touch with us via Roehl.Jobs or on social media as we may expand the program in areas that that meet our customers’ expectations and business objectives.

Can I go to a truck driving school and still drive for Roehl?

Yes. While you would not be eligible for our Get Your CDL Program, you can certainly attend a different cdl training program and then come to Roehl as a truck driver. We have and continue to work with many truck driving schools, offering their cdl students our excellent on the job truck driver training. Where you live plays a role in what fleet options you may have available to you.

Are there any up-front costs?

Before you begin the program, you will pay for a commercial learners permit (CLP). You’ll obtain your CLP directly from the state you live in. The costs for a CLP vary by state. Our Steps to Getting Your CLP page will help you connect with your state licensing office.

Are benefits provided?

Yes. You’re an employee of Roehl Transport, and in addition to getting paid while you get your CDL, it also means you’ll have access to our : medical, dental, vision, life, short-term and long-term disability insurances and so much more. For example, we offer a 401k, profit sharing, excellent passenger and pet policies and the latest in equipment and safety technologies and training. Another benefit is our career path options – both inside and outside of the truck.

What if I already have a CDL? Do you have refresher training?

We have better than refresher training! If you are a CDL-A holder who stepped away from your commercial driving career for other non-driving employment, the Roehl Relaunch Program™ helps re-sharpen your driving skills while also recognizing your prior experience as a commercial vehicle driver. When you complete the Roehl Relaunch Program™, you will be given credit for your prior experience rather than starting over at entry level driver pay rates. The Roehl Relaunch Program is open to former truck drivers who may have left trucking for positions in construction, manufacturing, retail and other industries as well as current drivers in local trucking jobs who may not be getting the income they need.

What is the difference between the van, flatbed, refrigerated and curtainside divisions?

The main difference between the divisions is the type of freight each hauls. For example, in our van division we haul a wide variety of products and materials inside enclosed trailers. In contrast, flatbed drivers pull trailers with equipment and other commodities (like building products) secured on open trailers. The refrigerated division hauls cheese and other temperature controlled goods – freight that needs to be a consistent temperature. Our curtainside division is like a mix between van (the trailers are enclosed with sturdy side “curtains” that can be removed to load freight that might also travel on a flatbed trailer from the side. The curtainside trailers remove the need for tarping a load (because the enclosed curtainside trailer protects the shipment from the elements).

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