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Carolina Truck Driving School – Charlotte, NC

3663 Trailer Dr, Charlotte, NC 28269

(704) 603-3000 | Website

Carolina Truck Driving School's low student to truck ratio provides a unique institute of hands on learning with plenty of behind the wheel time. We can provide you with an atmosphere which is ideal to learn in and to prepare for your future in the trucking industry, through the knowledge of our CDL instructors coupled with our high level of training standards. We don't just teach you how to take a test, we provide knowledge here that you can take with you through the rest of your career. You will train in full size trucks and trailers, unlike some schools that train in day cabs with pup trailers.


Our mission is to provide you, the student, the best quality training and career guidance in the truck driving industry. We achieve this mission by offering a program unlike any other in the country. We offer upfront help with finding a job even before the student enrolls and then we are able to finance the majority of the students who attend our program. We do not outsource our loans, which means we invest in YOU the student.


In 2011 we opened Tennessee Truck Driving School in Knoxville, TN and in 2015 we expanded to include a location in Tampa, Florida. Along the way we have built a relationship with some of the nation's largest trucking companies. By always putting the student first we have successfully helped thousands of students start their careers as truck drivers.

Week 1: CDL Permit / Classroom:

You will gain the knowledge to get your class A CDL Permit and more!

This is a comprehensive 4 day training program. It is a combination of book work and hands on learning.

We will provide you with training videos, and practice tests to assist you with learning the required material.

There will also be live demonstration using our equipment for things like: Pre Trip Inspection- Brake Inspection-coupling and uncoupling

Additional Training:

Map Reading, Trip Planning, Hours of service,and Compliance with DOT.

At the end of your first week you will take your CDL Permit test.

Week 2: Maneuvering and Vehicle Inspection (Yard Training)

You will gain the knowledge on how to maneuver a commercial vehicle, and make sure it is safe to drive.

This is a 5 day training program. You will be assigned to a truck with 3 other students.The instructors will demonstrate the maneuvers and assist you while performing them. Each day you will learn a different maneuver.At the beginning and end of each day you will be learning pre trip inspection. You will have guidelines that you use to inspect the vehicle daily. The instructor will demonstrate different parts of the inspection for you every day.

Week 3 & 4 : On Road & Advanced Backing

You will gain the knowledge to drive and operate a commercial vehicle safely under most road conditions

This is a 10 day training program. Everyday will consist of on road driver training, as well as advanced backing techniques like Alley dock and parallel parking.

On Road Training consists of:

-General driving behavior

- Shifting up/down (Double Clutching)

- Taking corners correctly

- Managing traffic situations

- Exiting the road safely / Entering the road safely

- Defensive driving

- Up/Down grade management

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