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Totally Cool Driving School – Jamaica, NY

139-39 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY 11435

(718) 206-2900 | Alt: (718) 297-6947 | Website

Totally Cool Driving School - CDL Driver Training

Training for vehicles over 26,000 lbs. with pre-trip inspection and air brakes for class type B with passenger and school bus endorsements. The package that we are offering includes training booklet for air brake and pre-trip inspection, bus and appointment for the road test, the DMV skill test fee and each one hour lesson consist of the pre-trip inspection, the air brakes test and rules of driving a bus. Students that obtain a B-P license are able to drive a city bus, school bus (with an S endorsement), coach bus, single trucks and even smaller passenger vehicles. Each student will receive 15 hours behind the wheel and 2 hour class room training 5 hour group training, depending on student skill level. Totally Cool Driving, Inc agrees to provide 2 road test if needed, 2 DMV road test appointment if needed, 2 DMV skill test fee if needed.

Back in 1996, I walked out of DMV and found that my bike has gone missing, an unknown neighbor in a city I had just moved to. Now I need to put my learner permit to work so I can drive a car. As a recent addition to the area, looking for a driving school.


Passing my permit test, I walked around aimlessly looking for a driving school until I finally stumbled upon three. The first driving school package I got was $280. The second was $310 and the third was a whopping $425. $425!!! How could there be such a difference in price for the exact same package? It looked great; needless to say, I got the package for $280. I never forgot how unhappy I was with the process. There had to be a better way. And so it was – Totally Cool Driving School was born.

Totally Cool Driving School was founded in 1996 with the goal of making this painful process simpler. No one should have to walk around from driving school to driving school and receive completely different price for the same package.

With Totally Cool Driving School, the painful process I went through back in 1996 is no longer necessary. Totally Cool Driving School team of experienced and patient driving instructors are ready to help take you from theory to practice with the least amount of difficulty. We quickly assess your skill level and tailor your driving lessons to address your individual needs and become safe and confident drivers.

Totally Cool Driving School has built its well-respected name and reputation by providing professional driving lessons in conjunction with excellent customer service, friendliness, patience and higher than average pass rates. Whatever your needs, Totally Cool is your one stop shop for driving. We hope you enjoy using the website, and please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to make the process as painless as possible.

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