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CDL Help – Arlington, TX

3901 W Arkansas Lane, Arlington, TX 76016

(817) 268-7759 | Website

Welcome to CDL Help

We have a greater than 75% pass rate the first time! We can help anyone in Texas obtain there CDL. Call us no matter where you live in Texas.

CDL Help serving Texas since 1988. Late model class A truck and trailer rentals for your CDL drive test. We have many training packages to choose from. We train in both automatic and manual transmissions.

We help the working man who can not take off 3 weeks from work to attend traditional CDL schools. Most of our packages only require 1-2 days off from work.

CDL Help has been serving Texas since 1988.

CDL Help offers much more training time than our competitors. This is why we have a greater than 75% pass-rate the first time.

We help people get a CDL FAST AND EASY. Not everyone can put their life on hold for 3-4 weeks to attend truck driving school. Most of my competitors and the big schools train with 4-6 people in the truck at a time. Everyone drives for an hour and they call it a day. In many cases these students log a full day of training even if they only drive 1 hour. CDL Help only trains one-on one. That means that it is only YOU and the Trainer in our truck. This allows us to teach you how to pass the DPS Drive test much faster. We will always train ONE on ONE.

Our customers are required to pass the CDL computer tests before starting with us.

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