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North Cross Commercial Driving School – Burlington, WA

351 Pease Rd, Burlington, WA 98223

(360) 424-0373 | Website

North Cross CDL School for Driver Training Courses

North Cross CDL School, located in Burlington, Washington State, offers training for obtaining your Commercial Drivers License and to become a productive, safe and employable member of the trucking community. This is a 4-week Class-A license course.

95% CDL Success Testing Pass Rate – first time! Lowest price classes with most experienced Instructors!

At North Cross CDL School, our goal is not only to give you training to obtain your CDL ( Commercial Drivers License), we are also dedicated to training you in many aspects of trucking so that you will become a good trucker, and hence a valuable asset to your employer. With our established network of contacts in the local trucking industry, we can also provide assistance in job placement after your graduation.

Rather than expecting you to blindly memorize terms, we provide you with an underlying understanding of how things work. This not only makes you a more valuable asset to your employer, it makes it easier for you to confidently pass your tests. Our fleet of school trucks provide you with the hands-on experience necessary to productively learn, while classes, laboratory, and observation time is used to complete the learning experience.

Our large school grounds allow initial orientation driving practice, and plenty of space to practice backing the tractor/truck combinations in both coned and real-world situations.

Burlington is an easy commute from most parts of either Skagit County or Snohomish Co. The skilled and knowledgeable staff has years of industry experience and can answer your toughest questions. At North Cross CDL School, we are proud to have one of the highest CDL (licensing) passing rates in the state.

We offer job placement assistance and several financing options for tuition, including charge cards.

About North Cross CDL School Background, Experience and School

Glenn McGoff’s commercial trucking and training experience is vast, beginning over forty years ago working on commercial diesel vehicles. In 1970 Glenn began his own diesel shop and then in 1974 added a trucking business which quickly grew.

Running a fleet of commercial trucks as well as leasing vehicles to other small business owners morphed over time in to also the training of people on how to safely drive, maintain a commercial vehicle. Many of his students became his drivers over the years or began their own trucking business. Glenn has an unparalleled network within the western Washington trucking industry as he has known, trained and worked with many of the local commercial trucking business owners, which he draws from to place his students after graduation from North Cross Commercial Driving School.

Glenn has been instrumental for over 20 years working in conjunction with the Skagit Valley Community College’s commercial truck driving program. Glenn sat on the board and was deeply involved in class development and the job placement of the graduating students from the college.

Well respected as an industry leader within the trucking and business community, Glenn has been placing 100% of his top candidates immediately into great driving jobs.

Glenn has had the opportunity over the last 40 years, to t rain returning veterans, local youth and both men and women who decided on a career within the trucking industry. Glenn was one of the first instructors in Washington to have women signing up for his commercial driving CDL classes and once these women successfully completed the training have then gone on to have very successful careers in commercial driving industry.

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