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Trenhom State College – Montgomery, AL

5420 Troy Highway , Montgomery, AL 36116

(334) 420-4200 | Alt: (866) 753-4544 | Website

The Truck Driving program at H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is designed to prepare the student to operate vehicles requiring a commercial driver’s license. A six-week, non-credit Truck Driving program is offered that utilizes the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) model curriculum as the foundation for training and takes the student from basic through the advanced operation of a tractor/trailer. Additionally, courses taught include safe operation practices and non-vehicle activities (which are not directly related to the vehicle), which must be performed by the operator. Information is presented in an intensive question and answer format and hands-on training to provide the most efficient and cost-effective method for preparing a student for a commercial driver’s license.

Basic Truck Driving

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of becoming a professional commercial motor vehicle driver. Topics include orientation, control systems, vehicle inspections, reporting, basic control, shifting, backing, coupling and uncoupling, proficiency development, and special rigs. Upon completion, the student should demonstrate proficiency in skill field tasks and pre-trip inspections to Commercial Drivers License standards.

Advanced Truck Driving

This course offers proper defensive driving techniques applicable to the commercial motor vehicle driver and involves the interaction between the student/vehicle and the highway traffic environment. Topics include visual search, communication, speed and space management, night operation, extreme driving conditions, and proficiency development. Upon completion, the student should demonstrate basic operating skills that ensure the driver's safety and other vehicle operators to Commercial Driver’s License standards.

Non-Vehicle Activities

This course focuses on activities not directly related to the vehicle itself but related to the commercial motor vehicle driver's potential job performance. Topics include preparation for CDL permit, entry-level CMV drivers basics (qualification, wellness, hours of service, whistleblower protection), handling cargo, cargo documentation, hours of service requirements, accident procedures, personal health and safety, trip planning, employability skills, and public and employer relations. Upon completion, the student will demonstrate these activities' performance to Commercial Driver’s License standards to ensure safety to the driver, vehicle, cargo, and other motorists.

Vehicle Maintenance

This course introduces students to the vehicle's various components and how they work so that malfunctions and safety hazards may be recognized before serious damages or accidents occur. Topics include vehicle systems, preventive maintenance and servicing, and diagnosing and reporting malfunctions. Upon completion, the student should perform routine service functions and simple maintenance tasks and recognize when a vehicle needs repairs.

Safe operating Practices

This course is designed for extended high-level skills training to cope with the roadway traffic environment's hazards. Topics include hazard perception, emergency maneuvers, and skid control and recovery. Upon completion, the student should demonstrate perceptual skills to recognize potential hazards and the manipulative skills needed to handle the vehicle in an emergency.

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