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Johnston Community College- N.C. Truck Driver Training School – Smithfield, NC

245 College Rd, Smithfield, NC 27577

(919) 934-3051 | Website

North Carolina Truck Driver Training School

The Truck Driver Training curriculum provides students with training to inspect and operate tractor-trailers and to assume driver responsibilities on the road and at pickup/delivery points. Emphasis is placed on vehicle inspections, defensive driving, range maneuvers, motor carrier safety regulations (DOT 380 -397 and a certificate for entry level drivers), trip planning, cargo handling, size/weight laws, general maintenance procedures, hours of service, and accident prevention.

All training, instruction, and testing are done at school facilities and in school-provided equipment. The program is sponsored by the North Carolina Trucking Association.

After satisfactory completion of all course requirements, students receive a Class A Commercial Driver License, DOT 380 certificate, and a JCC curriculum certificate.

The school also helps place graduates into industry employment. A Recruiter Day/Job Fair is scheduled in each class for valuable networking opportunities.

The NC Truck Driver Training School program is nationally ranked for providing graduates with an excellent foundation for a truck-driving career. Our students are tested thoroughly through both on-the-road and written exams to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully and safely operate commercial vehicles. Graduates from our course can expect to earn an average of $40,000 to $45,000 in their first year of employment with an established company. Graduates find employment in various industries, governmental agencies, and self-employment opportunities.

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