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Tennessee Truck Driving School – Alcoa, TN

4401 Singlton Station RD, Alcoa, TN 37777

(865) 330-0035 | Website

Start A New Career Today! WITH NO UPFRONT TUITION.

With Tennessee Truck Driving School, you can start with no money out of pocket, we will finance it, you can train right here in Knoxville, and when you graduate you can be making $700-$1000 a week. Then you get the company you go to work for to help you pay it back.

Don’t let our name fool you, Tennessee Truck Driving School of Knoxville TN is so much more than just a truck driving school.

Tennessee Truck Driving School (TTDS) offers so much more than most truck driving schools in Tennessee. Think of us as your personal gateway to a new career, a career in one of the largest industries in the country and one that is always in demand.

TTDS is the only privately owned truck driving school in Knoxville TN.

We can provide men and women that want to be truck drivers in Tennessee with the CDL training they need. At TTDS we can have you trained within 15 days, help you obtain your class A CDL, and usually have you working right after graduation. We will have you pre-hired with a top paying trucking company before you even start our school in Knoxville, Tennessee. TTDS places its graduates with companies that offer not only great pay, but great benefits as well. By enrolling in truck driving schools like ours, you can enjoy benefits from your new employers, such as health insurance, 401K retirement plans, vacation pay, sick leave, guaranteed home time, sign on bonuses and tuition reimbursement.

So call us today at 865-330-0035 to speak with one of our career counselors and get started right away!

Tennessee Truck Driving School is the premier school in Knoxville, Tennessee for CDL training. Let us train you to start your new career in the trucking industry today!

The U.S. economy is expanding again, and the trucking industry is leading the way. As older drivers retire and truck fleets expand, the country’s need for well trained and qualified drivers has never been greater. It’s a need that truck driving schools like ours can address in Tennessee.

The U.S. Department of Labor for the years 2002 / 2013 ranks truck driving as being one of the highest paying occupations with the most job openings for workers who don’t have a bachelors degree and who are entering a new occupation. At Tennessee Truck Driving School, your CDL training in Tennessee, graduation, and new job can be within reach in little as three weeks.

There is no other job market in the country that with just three weeks of training, graduates can instantly start making the money and earning the benefits that Class A CDL drivers can. Put yourself on the road to an exciting new career with unlimited potential by enrolling in Tennessee Truck Driving School’s CDL program in Knoxville, Tennessee.

At Tennessee Truck Driving School we maintain a 100% job placement ratio. We are able to achieve this because of the fact that we pre-screen all students to ensure their ability to obtain employment in the trucking industry. This is to ensure that there is nothing in the student’s background or driving record that would prevent the student’s ability to find employment. With most schools, their only concern is getting your tuition. After they sell your loan off to a financing company they have no reason to care about your career or financial future.

Tennessee Truck Driving School invests in our student’s future because we know we can provide the best training, best job placement assistance and the best future for our students. We know that results in longer working drivers that make more money and are happier with their career and the schooling services we provided them.

Tennessee Truck Driving School, the difference is clear.

We have designed our training facility to meet the needs of the transportation industry at both the local and national level, providing our students with the means of attaining their CDL in Tennessee. Truck driving schools like ours help by emphasizing on curriculum, low student to instructor ratios, and practical experience in the trucking industry that will help every one of our graduates become prepared for their exciting new career in just 15 days.

Our goal is to train safer, more professional commercial drivers who have the confidence and knowledge to succeed in today’s transportation industry.

The Tennessee Truck Driving School difference:

- Short 3 week training program.

- Practical training, real world experience.

- New classes started every Monday.

- Tuition financing available regardless of credit.


- Job placement assistance for all of our graduates. We have a 100% successful job placement program.

- Pre-hire placement before graduation; most students are pre-hired before they even start their classes.

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