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Common Permit Book Questions

Are Digital Permits acceptable?

January 1, 2019, you will be allowed to carry your IRP cab cards in an electronic image and or paper. IRP cab cards will no longer be required. All US States and Canadian Provinces will be required to accept electronic images of IRP cab cards.

Will the Officer have access to other info on my phone?

Rest assured that while the cab card shall be carried at all times in the vehicle, in accordance with the IRP, if the registrant chooses to display an electronic image of the cab card on a wireless communication device or another electronic device, such display does not constitute consent for a police officer, or any other person, to access the contents of the device other than the electronic image of the cab card.

How is the permit viewable via the app?

The digital image of the permit can be viewed directly on the electronic device, or be forwarded to the intended recipient via Email or Fax right off of the app.

What are the costs?

TBSDirectory has made it affordable for all carriers from small to large with its straightforward pricing. The cost per active vehicle per month is $1.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the Permit Book?

You can download instructions for admins here, and drivers can download printable instructions here.

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